MS Word Custom Dictionary Limits

By ross_salazar ·
My MS Word custom dictionary is driving me crazy, it only allows me to add about 20 words, after this limit, it erases the previous 20 and starts from zero.

I have made 10 custom dictionaries with 20 words each, but it is the limit of custom dictionaries allowed by the program.

I have no idea what is going on, i remember being able to add hundreds of words in previous versions of word (mine is 2003).

Can you guys help me figure out what is going on? I'm a biologist and have to work with many words and scientific names that do not come with the normal dictionary, so I really need help with this.


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Max Size of 64kb

by jszivos In reply to MS Word Custom Dictionary ...

The Microsoft Custom Dictionary is limited to 64kb. Read this article for more information:

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Scientific dictionary for Word

by iBooger In reply to MS Word Custom Dictionary ...

You can look here:

or here:

All scientific dictionaries, that are word add ins, that will probably help you.

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Thank you

by ross_salazar In reply to Scientific dictionary for ...

Thanks so much for the help. I am looking at the scientific dictionaries right now.

I looked at the size of the dictionaries and they are only 1kb, I don't know why but word won't allow them to get larger, to the the 64kb limit.

Do you have any ideas as to why?

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by ross_salazar In reply to Thank you

Just read the last of the possible solutions to the word dictionary corruption. I'm gonna try it later, I don't have my installation CD with me at the office.

Hope it works, thanks.

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Doesn't Work

by ross_salazar In reply to Thank you

Hi again,

I followed the directions on the webpage you gave me, but it doesn't work. It's like word isn't allowing the dictionary to get over 1kb in size.

I found this link on the web

About a person with the same problem, but they couldn't get a solution either. This is really driving me crazy.

Do you guys have any other suggestions?

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