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MS Word footnote frenzy

By dneam ·
Ok, here's the deal, one of my users call me and say they need help renumbering footnotes in a document. Easy stuff right? Well after trying to walk it through to her on the phone, she kept saying it doesn't work. I went to her office to see what the issue was. First off, she had 63 sections in her document (wow) and the area where she wanted to put the footnote, was the first occurence of a footnote in a new section, so instantly I thought, remove the section, put in a manual break and move on. The kicker was that she needed the above section break because there was a landscape page inserted in the document. So, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the footnote to continue the numbering. The numbering started at 1 earlier in the document, then it was restarted back to 1 later in the document. Up until the inserted section break for the landscape page the numbering was working to number 7. After the section break, the next occuring number was 15! Befuddled, I tried using note options to force the footnote to start at 8 but it didn't, it kept changing it to continous. Even removing the footnote and retyping the footnote, it still said 15. After spending two days on this issue, I decided to grab a screen shot of the chart on the landscape page and insert it as a portrait page to keep the portrait orientation throughout the document. This worked for me. Later on in the document, there were more footnotes that needed to be renumbered, but the good part was as long as I had a section break in front of the footnote, I could use note options to specify to have the footnote restart at every section.

Crazy right? Has anyone else had this same situation? If so, did you use my method to fix it or another solution?

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