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ms word links converted to acrobat links

By Wild Bill H ·
I am having some problems with creating some pages on an intranet site. I use ms word docs contaning links to pdf file "destination names". I then convert that doc to a pdf file and lose the links to the original destination pdf file "destination names". This is on a local intranet site. I use Word 2000, Acrobat Standard 6.0, and the entire URL address with the "destination name" syntax. It appears that the link changes from -link to a web page- to -link to a file- when the conversion takes place and therefore will not work. I know I can change the "action" of a link once I am in Acrobat, but that is too time consuming. Any help would be appreciated.

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by jc2it In reply to ms word links converted t ...

Are your links relative to the file locations? If you are moving this file to a different directory/computer from where it was created then the links may not be pointing to a valid location anymore. At least as far as the Intranet server is considered. From the Intranet server's document location try manually following the links with Explorer. This will verify if the links are valid.

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by Wild Bill H In reply to

Thanks jc2it. Two things
1) Your reply suggests to me that you are thinking I am using relative links. I stated that I am using the entire URL in the link. This means that it is static and should work reguardless of which pc creates the link. Doesn't it. I am creating the pdf file on a pc and them moving the file to the intranet server. It works fine as long as I do not enclude a syntax (page or destination name). Without the syntax, it works and does open the target pdf file, but always to the first page. I have tried several forms of the syntax that I have got from the Acrobat website, such as ~mypdf.pdf#page=7 or ~mypdf.pdf#dest=name
2) I do not understand or know how to go from the server's location with (window or internet)explorer to check the validity of the link. How do I do that. I was thinking I tested the validity because the link works without the syntaxes.
I have checked the pdf after conversion and it does appear that the links change from a static link to a relative link because it states that it can not find the "file" as opposed to it can not find the web page. I don't understand this error because the erorr comes up inside and after it opens a browser page. This would seem like it is at least trying to open a web page.

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by Wild Bill H In reply to ms word links converted t ...

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