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I have a rather tricky problem that I'm hoping somebody has seen before. MS word has recently started hanging when I try to save a document displaying a "MS Word is not Responding". I can't close the program, even with the Task Manager and have to force a power down. I've trawled around the net and can see that many people have had this problem, on all versions of Office and different operating systems. What I can't find is a permanent fix. I'm suspicious that the problem has been caused by a Windows Update but I can't tell which one and there are hundreds.

I have narrowed it down by using the MS Word Support template which allow easy delete of key registry entries and renaming the template. I think it's got something to do with the template. If I delete the file, start Word, create or update a document, save is fine. Close doc is also OK. Reopen doc, update and save is OK. But, if I close Word altogether and repeat the process, it hangs on the save. I understand that the is recreated if Word doesn't find it on startup. Word must save the new version on Shutdown and it's something to do with the existence of this template on startup is causing the problem.

I've uninstalled the whole Office package and reinstalled from scratch. My system is an ASUS X550C i3 8GB with a fully updated Window 8.1 Update OS. I'm running Office XP with SP3 which has been working fine until recently. Once the freeze event is triggered, it seems to spread to other open apps which is odd. I wonder if it's also got something to do with the way Windows 8 runs 32bit applications? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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