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By scott ·
My quistion is:

I have just obtained some older laptops with docking stations.

I have loaded win 98 on all the toshibas,s just fine, but my IBM think pad with docking station will not lacate the cdrom. (New cdrom drive)no software 4.8 meg to down load from IBM.That is to big for a floopy.
I have changed the bios to boot from cd first I have tried to dowm load drivers and still no luck

what can I do do get this machine to see my cdrom so that I can load windows 98.

Thank you guys for your time

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by TheChas In reply to mscd001

I assume that you are starting from a W98 startup floppy.

If not, you can create one from the add / remove program section of Control Panel.

If the CD drivers on the startup disk do not allow the IBM to see the drive, try one of the major boot disks.
Either CD-ROM God, from the links at or the the try the boot floppy from

What I often do, is mount the hard drive in a hot-swap bay (you can get a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter kit) and copy the Windows CD onto the hard drive.
Make the drive bootable, and install Windows from the hard drive.
Works like a charm.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to mscd001

is the cdrom part of the docking station? not a good sign you can't boot from known good bootable cd.
i would check out excellent ibm website for more ideas about this if you find you still cannot see cdrom after using charles' excellent suggestion for loading drive from desktop pc and installing windows that way. i just saw one of these drive trays he was talking about on for under $10. but don't you have to worry about the different interfaces?

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by scott In reply to mscd001

Thank you guys for your help
I have tried the boot disks, but they will not boot it says cannot boot in dos.

I have tried to load the drivers and still no good.
Always get mscd001 not found. The light even goes on for the cdrom but say no drives found aborting instalation .
The at the end of bus scan. Says driver not found mscd001 no valid cdrom devise drives selected.

Thank you again for your help

How can I load the operation system from this hot swap. Disd you mean remove my hard drive from the lap top.

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