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MsComm (VB) and GSM modem problems

By tym-techrepublic ·
I have an application using MSComm in VB6. This application is used to connect to a remote unit to download data from its datalogger. Once connected, I send a command to it to trigger the sending of the data. OK? With me so far? thought so....

Well... using a "normal" modem, I get ComEents 1 and 2 occuring quite normally. However, when using my Nokia 6310i modem, it triggers other events... this is causing a problem.

The Remote unit requires 2400,7,e,1 (re-arrange if necessary!) and Handshake = 2 port settings

Using the Nokia modem I get a CommEvent 4 as soon as the Remote Unit Answers then CommEvent 3 when the connection is made "CONNECT 2400"

Then when I send my command - nothing happens...


How can I correct this please - its driving me bats!!!

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by tym-techrepublic In reply to MsComm (VB) and GSM modem ...


After testing a number of events I can elaborate futher thus...

Once the remote unit answers the call, CTS and DSR are set to true.

However, when the handshake is complete. the CTS is then set to FALSE

What does this mean? Do I have to wait for it to return to TRUE before I can send my command? Is there a way to force it to TRUE?

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