Msconfig error-can't make changes although I am the administrator

By dvancenza_jrross ·
When I try to make changes in MSCONFIG, I get an error that says..I must be the Administrator
to make changes. I am the adminstrator and the only user of my computer. I need to remove some programs from the MSCONFIG so how do I tell my computer that I am the administrator or why doesn't it know when I start my computer? How do I know that when I start my computer that I am being logged on as the Administrator? When I do logon I am logged in as a User who is the administrator when I check the users file but in Msconfig I am not
recognized as the Administrator!
My OS is Windows XP Media Center SP-2.

Thanks for your help!

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Are you sure

by rader In reply to Msconfig error-can't make ...

I would make sure you are all logged off of all acconts, at the start button. Then as the accont logs off windows login screen shows. Hit ctrl+alt+del twice, If you have not set up an administrator account use Administrator for name and leave the password blank, as XP has issued its own for the blank until you get in to Administrtator account and set the password. Do this always when you setup Windows for the First time, so that someone else doesnt take over your PC. Get an address book and write down the name and password or some outside media. Use the wizard to make a admin password reset disk also.
This the only thing I could think of at this time to understand maybe your problem as you may think your admin, Administator will not show up on screen if you have a login in account running also.
You may try checking how your policies are set also users and gruops that your login as. For you have no rights here as your not in Administrator.

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MSCONFIG Error msg.

by pccomputerhelp In reply to Msconfig error-can't make ...

The message is misleading. The changes do get made even though it generates this message. So far I have found it may be due to an update from HP.

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HP "MSConfig Administration Pop-up Error"

by Xavier.Hexon In reply to MSCONFIG Error msg.

Yes! Its been happening to me since March, 2007, immediately after an HP Update (my HP support expired Jan. 2007, of course). The error also occurrs when logged in under "Administrator" in "Safe Mode". It still accepts any re-configuration once you've clicked apply & restart, But the "MSConfig-Administration-Popup-Error" has worked my last nerve. Any solution? I am determined to find out before this day is over!


Ps: I use to build my own PC's when Builing your own PC was cheaper than buying a new PC at Costco/Sams, remember? Well, Not Anymore. HP is easily & cheaply upgradeable, hp-printer cartridges are cheap, and the System Software is "Idiot-Proof", so HP is my first Brand-Name-PC. Now I'm beginning to wonder if its also easily ...disposable.

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Try this

by trevor In reply to Msconfig error-can't make ...

Once again, I can't help myself. You might have some luck here (if you are plagued by the issue still):

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