MsConfig Question (XP)

By inet32 ·
After I make changes using MSCONFIG and reboot it tells me "The system configuration utility is in diagnostic or selective startup mode" and offers a checkbox to not keep showing the message.

How do I make my changes permanent without leaving it in "diagnostic or selective startup mode"? I don't want to JUST turn off the message - I want it to not be in that mode anymore. Thanks in advance.

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Disable in the registry

by hondafrank In reply to MsConfig Question (XP)

Instead of using msconfig disable startup programs in the registry.





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They're not all there!

by inet32 In reply to Disable in the registry

They're not all there. Between those 4 Registry locations are 13 tasks. (most of them in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run)

But there are 21 tasks listed and checked in MSCONFIG under the Startup tab. There are 35 listed in total (the remainder being unchecked).

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Delete instead of Disable

by oldbaritone In reply to MsConfig Question (XP)

Diagnostic mode means some startup items are not being run, but they're still there.

Once you're sure you don't need the items, delete them completely from start-up and you won't get the message any more.

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by inet32 In reply to Delete instead of Disable

How do I delete them - my msconfig (XP Pro) doesn't seem to support a delete feature

I just noticed in my earlier response where I said that they're not all in the Registry that the ones that AREN'T listed as having a registry entry are listed as "Common Startup" or just plan "Startup" in the Location column. Where/what is that?

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Like this...

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to MsConfig Question (XP)

First of all return the MSConfig to normal mode, this will restore all the values to the registry.
While in diagnostic or selective mode, values will be moved to another temporary location in the registry.
Then follow the other response, on how to locate and delete the values from the registry.

Good Luck

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Thanks . . . ( followup)

by inet32 In reply to Like this...

I thought he meant delete them IN msconfig. Thanks!

I mentioned above that only SOME of the msconfig entries are actually in the Registry. I found a lot of the other ones in Service. But the Startup setting on many of those is "Manual" and they are still being started when I boot up. How do I find out where they are being "manually" started?

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Select Normal startup.

by Ron K. In reply to MsConfig Question (XP)

Go to the startup tab and deselect the items you don't want to run. <br>
Reboot. <br>
After you reboot you'll be presented with the msconfig window again. Check the box to not run the Windows configurator in the bottom left. That's it, you're done. Your changes are, for all intents and purposes, permanent until you select them to run again, if you ever do. <br>
If you reboot after checking that box you won't get the Windows configuration window.<br>
If those startup items just sitting there waiting for you to turn them on again or delete them bugs you :^0 seek professional help before it's too late. <br>
Kidding. <br>
Download Sysinternals Autoruns from here: <br>
You'll be surprised at the amount of crap that loads when you run Windows.<br>
You can deselect any startup items with Autoruns and you can also right-click delete them. I'm WARNING YOU! Don't delete or deselect anything until you KNOW what it is! You can easily break your computer if you deselect and delete the wrong item. My method is to simply deselect and not delete because the checkbox acts as a little switch, on or off. If it's off (unchecked) it's not hurting anything and you can easily turn it back on. <br>
If you change anything with Autoruns you have to reboot for the changes to take effect. You won't get a nag warning at reboot like you get with msconfig.

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I see now

by santeewelding In reply to Select Normal startup.

Why things are as they have been.

One choice presented to me for selection was, "Unleash Demons Upon The World".

I clicked it.

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So you're the one.

by Ron K. In reply to I see now

I'd have made money on a bet, dammit!

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