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MSconfig.sys for windows 2000

By kamran-saleem ·
Is there any command (file) which provide same funtionality in windows 2000 as does by msconfig.sys in windows xp.

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by pierrejamme In reply to MSconfig.sys for windows ...

When I did this for my home computer years ago i believe I used the msconfig.exe from Windows 98 SE. I think you can also use the one from ME and XP. If you google msconfig for w2k, the first one up is:
I get 84,000 hits today so everyone is getting into it.
Good Luck.

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by willcomp In reply to MSconfig.sys for windows ...

Copy msconfig.exe from a Windows XP PC into your system32 folder. Although 98SE version will work, XP version is superior.

I keep a copy on a thumb drive to add to Win 2000 installations. It's a very handy little utility and I have no idea why MS didn't include it in Win 2000.


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by willcomp In reply to


Thanks for the tip. Looks good. Will try.

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by razz2 In reply to MSconfig.sys for windows ...

Copying an older msconfig would work, but this is one of my standard utilities I carry on a USB microdrive:

It is called Startup Control Panel and comes in an executable or control panel version.

The dialog contains six to seven tabs, depending on your system configuration. Each tab represents one place where a program can be registered to run at system startup. These include:

Startup (user) - the current user's Startup folder in the Start Menu.

Startup (common) - the common (all users) Startup folder in the Start Menu. Appears only on NT and multi-user Win9x systems.

HKLM / Run - the Run registry key located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. All users.

HKCU / Run - the Run registry key located in HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Current user only.

Services - system services that are started before the user logs in. Does not appear on NT since it has its own Services control panel.

Run Once - started once and once only at the next system startup.

Deleted - programs go to the Deleted tab when you remove them from another location. They will not run at system startup, but will merely be stored should you ever want to use them again. If you delete an item from the Deleted tab, it is removed permanently.

Each page contains a list of the programs registered at that location. To manipulate them, right-click (or press Shift-F10). Options include:

New... - create a new entry. Note that you can also drag & drop files from My Computer or Explorer.

Edit... - edit an existing entry.

Delete - delete the currently selected entry.

Disable / Enable - disable or enable the selected entry. A disabled program will appear in the list with a special icon, and will not run at system startup. You can also use the checkbox next to an item to enable or disable it.

Run Now - executes the program now.

Send To - moves the entry from the current location to another.

Good Luck,


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by SysEngineer In reply to MSconfig.sys for windows ...

I did a quick google search and came up with the link below. It offers the download file and instructions for installed msconfig on a 2k machine.

Hope this helps.

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