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    MSDE Connection problem


    by bslmike ·

    I have an MSDE 2000 database with an Access project front end running on a peer to peer network comprising 3 PC’s.
    Until a few days ago each of the three front ends could connect to the backend.
    Now only the front end on the same PC as the back end can connect to the back end.
    When I bring up the Data Link Properties dialog from Access and try to bring up the drop down list of servers I get
    “Error enumerating data servers. Enumerator reports unspecified error”
    When I type in the name of the server and click on Test Connection I get
    “Test connection failed because of an error in initializing the provider. Cannot open the database requested in login …”
    I ran Component Checker on all 3 PC’s. All the components were for MDAC 2.81.1117 except MSADCO.dll – Version 2.81.1124.
    Same result on all 3 PC’s.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

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      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to MSDE Connection problem

      The microsoft osql.exe utility can be a good troubleshooting tool. You should be able to do a command-line osql -L which will query the network for any SQL servers listening on port 1434. You can do a login to the server with osql as well from a workstation. This will rule out MDAC, front-end, or authentication issues.

      Any personal firewall changes made?
      Infected with SQL Slammer worm?

      MDAC issues:

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