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    by dtanner ·

    I am trying to install win95b with a boot disk I downloaded from for win95b. I have been able to download CD Rom drivers and am able to get a D:. Now when I try to run the fdisk command from A:, I get an “incorrect mydos version” response.

    What is my problem?

    THANKS for any help, David

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      Incorrect MSDOS version

      by addam moody ·

      In reply to msdos.sys

      Most likely, your problem is caused by fdisk.exe being from a different version of ‘dos’ to the one you are currently running. Obtaining fdisk.exe from the win95b CD, if thats the version of on the diskette, should fix your problem.

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        Have you heard of SETVER?

        by padraig.mcdonagh ·

        In reply to Incorrect MSDOS version


        Long time ago I saw someone use the SET VER (or SETVER?) command to make a command “regress” to the version of – have a look at the DOS help files/commands and you might find something.

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