MSE on W7 Starter?

By Who Am I Really ·
I'm in a situation of rebuilding an acer w7 netbook for someone who got royally hosed by IE targeted Malware

starting with a factory reset from the recovery partition

next is getting the win crapdates installed and putting security in place

is MSE possible?
is MSE of any Use?

I can't find the relevant info on the MSE page

all it says is:
- w-XP 32
- w-vista 32/64
- w7 32/64

no indication as to whether it will work with w7 starter or not.

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You can give it a try

by OH Smeg In reply to MSE on W7 Starter?

But I seem to remember something from somewhere that MSE wasn't designed to work with Windows 7 Starter.

I may be wrong but that is what I dimly remember.


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OK thanks for the info . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to You can give it a try

I don't normally do any work on / with vista or w7
as I run a specialty operation and actually can't use any versions past XP
the HW & SW is not compatible at all with vista / w7

but it's hard to say no, to:
(puppy dog eyes) "can you fix it?"

and since the system has a recovery partition,
- I figured "simple task, right?"
- - Hah!
- it took 45 minutes just to complete the factory restore (poor thing was working its guts out)

they had AVG but it obviously didn't do the job

I though of MSE because for a while, MS was always pushing it whenever you visited one of their pages

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Can't lose for trying.

by santeewelding In reply to OK thanks for the info . ...

Except for time downloading, since it's free.

If it's not compatible, a klaxon will sound and a warning will issue for you to take cover.

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I just hope I'm not going in circles . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Can't lose for trying.

it has the trial of Mc(Bloat, 8+ High Priority Processes)Afee

if I remove it the only way to get it back is to start from scratch again from the recovery partition

and problem is installing AV while another AV is installed / running

if it's not compatible, any suggestions?

they had AVG but still got hosed so I'm not recommending AVG again

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They can get hosed regardless of the AV.

by seanferd In reply to I just hope I'm not going ...

Not every AV can catch everything all the time.

And the trial will die eventually, so what about an adjunct to an AV like MBAM paid version?

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I know, the biggest security hole is in the chair. . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to They can get hosed regard ...

the owner of this netbook,
got it for free from the ISP
with a 2 or 3 year subscription / contract

with no prior experience, and someone else "Helped out" by installing AVG Free

having been in computers since before the first virus and being around while the DOS viruses were to be feared
I never once got a virus on any of my systems

from the 80386 to the current system I use

the office where I work uses Mc(bloat)Afee VSE on the workstations and I've never once in the last 7 years seen "On My workstations" the OAS window pop up on a real virus / malware etc.

only on the EICAR test
- which I use to show people what the VSE OAS dialog looks like

and on "PUPs", which were a couple of Steve Gibson's old tools I still had on a USB stick:
- LeakTest.exe

I will be giving some "Web Safety" instruction,
combined with
setting up Firefox and adding to it:
- NoScript
- AdBlock Plus
- FlashBlock

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by seanferd In reply to I know, the biggest secur ...

So, the AV isn't just a trial version then, but a subscription? Ah.

Never really cared for McAfee myself, either. I wonder if is improving at all under Intel.

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the subscription is for the net connection from the ISP. . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to I know, the biggest secur ...

the Mc(Bloat)Afee has a 60 day trial before you have to pay them for it to continue using it,
if you don't pay them it deactivates itself, quits updating, and doesn't give warnings etc.
until you pay them or remove it an install something else
you'll no longer have a functioning AV at the end of the 60days

same goes for the MSO 2007 60 day trial installation

this system is packed with pre-installed OEM crud designed to get your money

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go ahead and install it

by Sue T In reply to I know, the biggest secur ...

I've been using AVG and installing it on alot of home user computers for years and never got a virus. I would be more inclined to say the user wasn't making sure it was updated and or was just not using any common sense. Also, last I read IE is more secure than Firefox, as I tell my users - nothing is totally secure and you always need to use common sense. And especially, if a window pops up saying you have been infected, if that window isn't showing the name of your anti virus then for goodness sakes do not click on it. have a great day.

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Sue . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to I know, the biggest secur ...

Thanks for the reply:

My original question was about using MSE on win7 Starter, not AVG

as to whether or not IE is safer than Firefox
is subjective to how they are configured

However, last time I checked:

Firefox with:
> NoScript
> AdBlock Plus
> FlashBlock

is better than IE in "strangled for security mode"

I try to tell people that:
- if a site can't give you at least it's text & maybe images without scripting it or using flash,
then move on because it's not worthy of your attention until you know it's a legitimate site,

and there's just no excuse to stick normal text inside scripts,

Sure go ahead and script the formatting if you want, but don't stick the actual text content inside the scripts or flash so that I can't see it without punching a hole in my security
that's bad web design etiquette

I also try to tell people:
that when visiting an unknown site not to go off allowing everything right away;

to visit and participate on TR I only need to "allow" the base domain and the site functions so I can participate,
same goes for ZDNet, I only need to "allow" and the site is functional

and the last time I checked
you can't selectively allow like that with IE, because the "allow scripts" popups don't tell you where the scripts are coming from

and in order to make IE "Safer" you have to use custom "internet options" settings because the default settings are wide open to: "Hey come get me I'm visiting your site with IE"
that will toast you every time

I've configured IE6, IE7, and IE8, with custom security settings and it's nearly unusable and becomes more unusable with each version

try just this sample of what I change in IE:

open internet options and change the security settings for the internet zone to "High"
and only restore the "file download" option back to "enabled"

next go to the advanced tab and remove the ticks for:
- install on demand (ie)
- install on demand (other)
- enable third party browser extensions
- play animations in web pages
- play sounds in web pages
- play videos in web pages

then tick the following:
- check for servers certificate revocation
- check for signatures on downloaded programs
- do not save encrypted pages to disk
- empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed

and untick:
- use profile assistant

next go to this page:**3086

and see how many
yes / OK clicks
you have to make before the page is loaded
in IE

whereas visiting the page in Firefox
the text and links load but the scripting is blocked and the page and links are still usable

in IE6 with the complete lock down settings that I use:
it's a minimum of 7 clicks just to display the KB913086 page
plus another 5 or 6 to use any of the links to the ISO files

in IE7 with the complete lock down settings that I use:
it's a minimum of 12 clicks just to display that page
plus another 10 - 12 to open in a new tab of the links to the ISO files

haven't bothered to test that page with IE8 "locked down" as I don't have an IE8 installation to test with
I did however configure the IE8 on the system referred to in the question
_ _

as to AVG
I tested it once back when it was 8.5x,
and it reduced the system performance by at least 50%
of the "no AV installed" config.
which I ran for over a year because it was an isolated stand alone not connected to anything but line power workstation

also, before the AVG installation,
- I grabbed my old 1995 version of McAfee CD and pulled the EICAR test file from the documentation,
and then;
- I put the EICAR test file in various folders all over all the disks in the system
as well as on various different removable media

- most times when visiting a folder containing EICAR, the EICAR test file was ignored
- about one in four times visiting an EICAR containing folder, it would popup saying it had found the EICAR test file and removed it
- on demand scan of the system didn't find all the EICAR files, in fact it only found a small hand full of the 100 or so copies I scattered on the OS and data drives
- and it didn't find the EICAR file on the removable media every time either

Firefox Bare install is not as "secure" as when the security add-ons are installed

but, there are more "IE targeted" malware etc. on sites than there are for Firefox
plus there's not really any effective ways to make bandwidth robbing ads on pages to vanish with IE

I have a Yahoo email account and with Firefox and:
- NoScript
- AdBlock Plus
- FlashBlock

I never see the ads and the network status indicator isn't constantly lit up like a search and rescue helicopter
the inbox loads and the activity lights go out

using IE for Yahoo mail the network status lights never go out because the ads are delivered on a revolver script constantly pulling content from ad servers and flipping the pages

so there's my reasons for doing what I do and the way I choose to do it.

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