MSEdge complete uninstall

By bluenite1 ·
Is there any way to completely remove this browser from Win10? With some custom uninstaller from MS or something like that? In Settings the uninstall option is greyed out, see sshot1:
It won't even reinstall, see second screen:
Has anyone had a similar experience with this?
Thx for any advice
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Remember this.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to MSEdge complete uninstall

I'll decline from what we find with easy research (Google.)

Here I see no reason to entirely remove Edge as I can set any browser to date to be my choice of browser.

There is a special version of Windows 10 called AME which removed this and more:
"Windows 10 AME aims at delivering a stable, non-intrusive yet fully functional build of Windows 10 to anyone, who requires the Windows operating system natively. Spyware systems, which are abundant in Windows 10 by default, have not been disabled using group policy, registry entries or various other workarounds – they have been entirely removed and deleted from the system, on an executable-level. This includes Windows Update, and any related services intended to re-patch the system via what is essentially a universal backdoor. Core applications, such as the included Edge web-browser, Windows Media Player, Cortana, as well as any appx applications, have also been successfully eliminated. The total size of removed files is about 2 GB."

Total removal does break functionality which there's a video about it.
Watch this one:

AME may not be available soon so here's another video using other methods:

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