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MSExcel Problem

By victorjulietpapa ·
I work as a Customer support engineer. Recently i faced the following problem in a customer's machine. i need help urgently.
The system is an AMD Athlon processor based on a VIA Motherboard with 128MB RAM. The problem reported was that Excel quit after giving a memory error. This was faced only by excel and no other office application had this problem. Reinstallation of Office2K solved the problem but only temporarily, the fix lasted 2 days. Next I reinstalled Win2K (Over-write previous installation) and Office2K. The problem resurfaced after some 5 days. Then I tried a full format of the HDD, and OS & Office installation. Worked for a few days but excel conked off again.
Any ideas, anybody?

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by carlos.nino In reply to MSExcel Problem

I've had that same prolem but with Access and Word in many machines. Sometimes it was due to faulty RAM (not brand name), sometimes to insufficient RAM, and somtimes I just had to upgrade windows and office with the latest service packs and patches.

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by victorjulietpapa In reply to

i had changed the RAM module too. All the hardware compunents are working OK.

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by OTL In reply to MSExcel Problem

Customer trying to open the same file or is it any file (even new) when it crashes ? Linked to too many sub-files/macros eating up all available memory ?

Being semi-computer literate, does windows manage swap space ? If so is it set to max disk space available? If not is it set to 512M min?

Exact MEM error would be helpful in isolating the problem, whither it is memory, the EXCEL program, or a particular file causing the problem. (EXCEL could be trying to recover a massive circular reference within the file which causes all available memory to be EATEN up) Resolution would be to delete the file.

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by victorjulietpapa In reply to

the system just gives a memory address without module and then excel quits.
Windows manages the swap space.
The problem happens when you try to modify *any* file.

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by memyslfni1969 In reply to MSExcel Problem

Have you considered an excel virus I know its been a while since any one ahs talked about those silly little macro viruses with all the super exploiting and DOS bugs out now but maybe?

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by mjgtennis In reply to MSExcel Problem

Info Inquiry:

Are their any modified settings in the options of the application: such as template location, file open location, startup location?
File settings - links to other files? or simple spreadsheets?

Test: Remove pc from the network and then test the excel function from there.

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by lmayeda In reply to MSExcel Problem

When I had a similiar problem on a Windows 98 PC, the problem (after I reinstalled, Office, Windows, etc) turned out to be a corrupt .xlb (Excel template) file. I was told to do a search for *.xlb and delete any files found (you may want to rename them if you are not sure about this). Problem disappeared. Hope your problem is as simple. Good luck.

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