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    MSExchange Lotus Notes connector


    by bhound ·

    I installed the notes connector in my Exchange 5.5 server according to an article of the MS Technet. When I finish configuring the “Notes configuration utility” it returns a message error: “Cannot write or create file (file or disk is read only) (($VIMPeople))” and the event log records an event ID: 1, Source: MsExchangeCoCo an Description: ENS: 2001/10/01 05:26:37- LME-NOTES-DXANOTES(020b) 1 41104:Error opening Notes database ‘LNserver/LNdomain!!NAMES.NSF’

    I already checked the file permissions on the names.nsf, and the user “connector” has the appropriate right: manager. The problem is that user lists between both servers can not be replicated.

    Thank you in advance…

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      MSExchange Lotus Notes connector

      by ayoshi ·

      In reply to MSExchange Lotus Notes connector

      It’s been a while since I had to set this up, however…. check the following:

      1. Open up the Lotus Notes client software on the server;
      2. Check out the user id file that you are using (File – Tools – User ID)
      3. Make sure you are NOT prompted for a password, if you are, check on the EXCH system to make sure you have this password entered (I don’t remember if it has a password field), so if it doesn’t, clear the password off the Notes ID file.
      4. Open the MS Exchange connector database on the Notes server, and verify that the NOTES user id (name is found in step 2) has at least editor access.
      5. Do the same with the NAMES.NSF.

      HTH, but no guarantee provided since it’s been a year!

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