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MSExchange Misdirection of Mail

By lickity40 ·
Greetings mortals and Tech Gods!

A humble non-profit techie here with an interesting situation. Occassionally, (maybe 1 in 40-60 messages), an executive secretary will get an email message that was intended for her boss. This has been happening with internal mail but today, an internet mail message found its way into the wrong mailbox. (same people)

I checked the message header thouroughly and only the bosses name appears. The secretary's name doesn't appear as a cc/bcc or anywhere in the header.

Now, the secretary does have rights to bosses calendar and is the receiver of appointment messages for the purpose of maintaining the Outlook calendar.

There haven't been any other reports of this occuring in the agency. I've the boss's pc and found there is no forwarding or other filters turned on. btw, the secretary is getting THE message, not a copy and the msg isn't appearing anywhere in the boss's Outlook.

We are running Exchange 2000 on a Windows 2000 server.

I thank you in advance for ANY hints as to how I can trace this out...

Warm regards,

Rick Forsythe
Systems Administrator

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Happens from time to time with deligates

by Chris.. In reply to MSExchange Misdirection o ...

This will happen, Exchange just gets confused and sends on the the first deligate mail box it finds.

The only way I've seen to fix this is to **** away BOTH mail boxes and rebuild them. Bummer solution I know, but it's a free one.

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And they wonder why we dump on Grungeware

by DC_GUY In reply to Happens from time to time ...

If we built an MIS application that gave an unauthorized person access to the wrong data, you can bet that our end users wouldn't let us off so easily. This is a defect of the most awful kind: a data security failure.

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And they wonder why...

by lickity40 In reply to And they wonder why we du ...

Indeed, DC_Guy! ****, a board member could be communicating sensitive information about the person to whom the msg was misdirected!

This is not cool!

Rick Forsythe

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Happens from time to time with deligates

by lickity40 In reply to Happens from time to time ...

Now THAT is scarey! What a security flaw! I did fail to mention that I have the latest updates and patches applied to the Exchange server and Outlook -- at least on the internal users' pc's.

The solution, as you suggested, is a real bummer! Am I correct in assuming that this will mean re-creating a new calendar for the boss??? Lord, I'd rather just keep it hush-hush and copy the misdirects manually to their correct recipient. The secretary would agree since she'd be the one redoing the calendar. *sigh*

Thanks for your feedback, Chris!

Rick Forsythe

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Is it spam?

by LordInfidel In reply to MSExchange Misdirection o ...

Or actual messages...

If it is spam, then they are in the bcc, which you will never see in the headers. Just disregard these messages.

If it is actual real intended e-mail, check for distrubition lists or alternate delivery options for the mailbox.

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Is it spam?

by lickity40 In reply to Is it spam?

The dozen or so messages that this happened to are not spam. Most were internal messages and 2 were from different board members. The boss receives mail from all the users on a regular basis and she receives them just fine with no cc's or bcc's in the message header at all.

As for your suggesting distribution lists, that is a good idea but I checked the sender's pc from their Outlook and compared the received msg to the misdirected one and there is no indication this happened. (in fact, two of the users are blind and don't even know how to set a distribution list up)

Thanks for the thought though. Much appreciated!!!


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Blind users

by Oldefar In reply to Is it spam?

So how do you set up Outlook to be used by blind users? Serious question.

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Blind Users

by lickity40 In reply to Blind users

The use adaptive aid software, JAWS for Windows. It's a screen reader. Basically, they hear what you or I would see on the screen.

Although JAWS works great...and very good with Outlook, I know these uses well enough to know their skill levels in Outlook just isn't to the level where they use many of the features.



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DL on the server not pc

by LordInfidel In reply to Is it spam?

Look at the server side, in exchange.

You will never see the BCC.
And you will never see headers in exchange when sent internally. Why? Because e-mail does not traverse the IMS when sent between 2 people homed in on the same exch server or directory.

If you are seeing headers, then the e-mail did not originate from within exchange and all bets are off as too who the intended recipients were.

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