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MSFT Access - Using the Query more than once

By reitern ·
Is it possible to run a query and then run a 2nd query without having Access paste the 2nd queries data over the 1st queries data?

Currently have a huge table and need to compare query data side by side, i.e. look at both sets of data at the same time.

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Not that I'm aware of

by deity_chooch In reply to MSFT Access - Using the Q ...

I'm not aware that this can be done, but you should be able to export the first query's results then compare it with that of the second.

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Clarification please

by jbwilson1120 In reply to MSFT Access - Using the Q ...

When you say run a query, do you mean run an action query (delete, update, append, etc.) or a select query?

If you want to compare two select queries, you can create a new query and include both queries as source queries. Make sure to join them together on the primary key. You can left or right join them to see if one query has records the other doesn't. If you use inner join, you only get the records that both queries return.

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by reitern In reply to Clarification please

Running a query = Running a select query.

An example might help, imagine a table and in the first column is a list of the 50 states while the first row lists the last 10 years (1999, 2000...2009) with data populated for each state and year.

How can you run a query to select a state(California) and see its data and then run a query for another state (Montana) and see its data without losing California's data?

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Just run access twice...

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to MSFT Access - Using the Q ...

dual monitors would probably help.

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