MSI 925X Neo 2 Platinum - Bootup Problems

By doug_halls ·
Hi all,

Ok, I'm at the end of my rope! For the last 2 months or so, I've had an issue with my system. While using it, or sometimes when booting up, I would lose signal to my monitor, and it would go to standby. As the problem progressed, the monitor would not even come on during the bootup process. Well, for about the last week or so, the monitor does not come on at all. So, I thought it might be a video card issue, so I borrowed a compatible card from a friend to test with - but it isn't working either.

Then I noticed the LED message on the D-bracket. I've searched online to see what it means, but I can't seem to find info on this specific message:

Red Yellow

Red Green

Can someone please tell me what this signal means or otherwise suggest what I should do?


P.S. It's definitely not the monitor. I've got dual monitors and they both lose signal at the same time.

P.P.S. Also, today I tried reseating all the connections in the system, and I noticed that the main power connection from the PS to the MoBo (don't know what it's called, but it's like wide power connector with maybe 24 sockets in it) has a plastic socket that is kinda brown in color on the outside...

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RE: Then I noticed the LED message on the D-bracket.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to MSI 925X Neo 2 Platinum - ...

Which D Bracket?

If this is part of the Video card what is the Make & Model of it?

What type of Computer do you have here?

What Type of Power Supply do you have if this is a White Box as apposed to an off the Shelf System from HP, Dell or so on?

Any signs of Discoloration is a sign of Heat being Produced and with Modern M'Boards there is a Supplementary 12 V DC Connector that can be 4, 6 or 8 Pins as well as the 24 Pin ATX Power Connector.

If the Supplementary Power Connector doesn't exist or is not fitted this could be your problem as the-M'Board will be drawing excess current through the Main Power Connector which causes M'Boards failures.

Does this Video Card require it's own Power Connector to be fitted?

Is it fitted if one is required?

Are there any beeps coming from the system?

In short what do you have in the way of hardware so we can attempt to help you out here?

Edited to add The MSI D Bracket Error Codes are listed here


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To Smeg

by doug_halls In reply to RE: [i]Then I noticed the ...

The D bracket I'm referring to does not belong to the video card. It came with the MoBo and has a few USB ports in it, but also 4 LEDs that can help diagnose the system.

The computer is not a name brand pre-packaged one, but was custom built by a computer shop for me.

The video card I've been using is self-powered, does not need additional power from the PS.

As for spec, see my last reply. Thanks.

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by doug_halls In reply to To Smeg

Shoot... sorry, forgot the spec:

MSI 925X Neo 2 Platinum
450W Thermaltake Silent Power
EVGA 7600 GT 256mb
2gb DDR2 533
2 x HDD, 120gb and 320gb
Vista Home Premium 32bit

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I don't know if you saw this but I added a link

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to whoops

From MSI's web site for the Error Lights on the D Bracket it's here

Also are there any beeps coming from the M'Board when you apply power?What they mean is also on the above Web Site.


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by doug_halls In reply to I don't know if you saw t ...

Thanks - yeah, I've seen that chart, but it's just solid black and solid white. The code I've got has a yellow led in it, so I don't know how to interpret that in the MSI chart.

Red Yellow
Red Green

(Should I regard this as black or white when comparing it to the MSI website?)

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No Beeps

by doug_halls In reply to Smeg

I keep forgetting to add in all the information to my posts!

No, there are no beeps from the system.

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Best guess

by doug_halls In reply to No Beeps

My best guess from the MSI site is this:

black black
black white correspond to what I've got...

red yellow
red green

If that's right, here is what is associated with that stage of the post:

"Initializing Video Interface
- This will start detecting CPU clock, checking type of video onboard. Then, detect and initialize the video adapter"

Seems to make sense, since it's not initializing my video, and this is where the process hangs up.

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First thing Doug is that you can Edit your Posts.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to MSI 925X Neo 2 Platinum - ...

But if your diagnosis is correct the Video Interface is not being detected and as there is no Video Present I would say that it is a safe bet that that is correct.

As MSI doesn't have a lot of information on their Web Site about this M'Board

I'm assuming that this is the one in question I would look at pulling the Video Card and checking that there is nothing in the PCI Express Socket and much more importantly some cases or with bad mounting the Video Card may not be fully Inserted into the Socket on the M'Board. You need to remove the Video card clean the Gold Edges with a soft Rubber/Eraser and refit it and look Very Carefully to make sure that it is fully inserted into the M'Boards socket.

What I don't like here however is the discoloration of the ATX Plug as this only occur es because there is Heat being generated there. I would remove the Pin where the Discoloration is and check it for proper connection to the Wire and also make sure that it is correctly in the Plug and hasn't been crushed in any way. It is possible that it is not making proper contact somewhere between the Wire and the Plug on the M'Board or that the actual connector itself is corroding.

Neither of those is a good sign so look very carefully. If you have an old PCI Video Card try removing your Video Card and slipping in another one but not into the PCI Express Socket just a Straight PCI Card in a PCI Socket will be perfect here to test with.

Also if you have access to another Power Supply I would try that as well I've seen instances where a PS appears to work but the 1.3 or 5 V DC rails are not producing any power so there is no Video available because there is nothing to power it. I had one customer who bought a New M'Board, CPU, RAM, HDD, Optical Drive well actually everything but a case and Power Supply and then finally brought it back to me to fix as it wasn't working. In that case when you turned on the computer the Monitors displayed a No Signal Message which disappeared when the power was turned off to the case. I've also seen PS's that have failed and show no signs of not working. Just because Fans Run and LED's light only means that there is 12 V DC there but not that there is the correct Current or any Low Voltages.

But since this has been happening from New I would first be looking at the Mounting of the M'Board and or the case not being Quite Right and holding the Video Card Part way out of the Socket. I have seen some new cases with the wrong Standoff's that held the M'Board too low on the Back Board so that when you plugged in any Daughter Cards they never went in fully tot he Sockets on the M'Board.


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How many of the leds are being displayed

by Jacky Howe In reply to MSI 925X Neo 2 Platinum - ...

when it stops performing. If all of the Leds are on you may have to reseat the CPU and apply new grease.
. .
. .

Have you access to another (PSU) Power Supply Unit to test with.

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Update: Progress?

by doug_halls In reply to How many of the leds are ...

Ok, here's the update:

I took out the battery on the MoBo for a while, and also cleared the CMOS jumper. While I was at it, I put in a new PS.

So, I'm not sure which of those 3 things did the trick, but the system is posting to Windows now! The LEDs on the MoBo D-bracket are signaling that everything is A-OK.

The only thing is that the system is now excruciatingly slow... I looked at the BIOS settings to make sure hyperthreading hadn't been turned off when I was troubleshooting, but it's still on.

Even the CPU LED at the front of the case is flashing quite slowly when the system is in use.

Looks like I'm getting closer, though... but this performance issue that's popped up is strange.

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