MSI/Windows Install script with product key?

By Rukk ·
I know nothing about scripting, and I'm trying to piece together a script to roll out Adobe Pro 9 to 100 workstations. I had a look at Orca, but that confused me and seemed overkill for what I want to achieve.

From some Googling, I've written a script with an application (Kaseya) that copies AcroPro.msi and from the FS to \temp. From there it executes:
%windir%\system32\msiexec.exe /i #agentDrv#temp\AcroPro.msi -qn PIDKEY=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Now I have no firm understanding on how an .msi interacts with a .cab, but I assumed that it would need the .cab in the same dir and unpack it as it needed to. I'm sure I'm either missing something very basic, or it's not possible at all. I'd love it if someone could point me in the right direction.


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Did you ever get a response?

by CaptainCanuk In reply to MSI/Windows Install scrip ...

I am also in the same situation and would love to get somewhere with this.

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Yes I did.

by Rukk In reply to Did you ever get a respon ...

Made a network install as per that document, it still applied for Adobe 9. I used the Adobe Customization Wizard to edit the installation to my liking, bundled serial, suppressed license agreement, etc.
Then I rolled it out with a script that simply ran the MSI using Kaseya.

With the Wizard it was a total breeze, good luck!

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MSI/Windows Install script with product key?

by CaptainCanuk In reply to Yes I did.

Hey, thanks for replying. And, the Adobe Customization Wizard was a great tip.

So, I've created an .mst file with the wizard. Now I want to deploy. Did you use the Kaseya "Application Deploy" wizard under Scripts to deploy? I have a share setup with Adobe and the mst file there, but I can't seem to find the corroct way to push the install using the mst file.

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