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By peter ·
I have been running MSMail with Outlook2003 on a WinXP SP2 peer-to-peer network arrangement for some time with no problems, however I'm in the process of implementing a Windows Server 2003 environment and running into a problem. After creating the new profiles on the XP workstations to connect to the Server2003 domain, Outlook2003 no longer has the MSMail option available. I've tried re-running the patch (MSMail2003) however even after rebooting the MSmail option no longer shows up in the address book list and I can't figure out how to add it. Am I forgetting to do something or is there a reason it doesn't function when you've logged onto a Server2003 domain? Thanks in advance.

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If you are running Exchange then you have to seperate them..

Set up Outlook to handle the Exchange server mail and use Outlook Express for all other third-party emails.
This way, the accounts are kept separate from each other.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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Not running Exchange ...

by peter In reply to If you are running Exchan ...

Perhaps I wasn't clear, we are not running Exchange and don't care to, the cost is prohibitive. We only want to keep the in-house mail function that we have with the MSMail patch & Outlook 2003 when we start using our Server 2003 setup. Under XP peer-to-peer it works fine, but we're having a problem getting it to work in the MS Server 2003 environment. When you establish a profile on an XP workstation to log onto the Server 2003 domain, Outlook no longer displays the MS Mail address book option (Tools/EMail accounts/View or change ...) and we can't find how to re-establish it. Any thoughts?

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