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MSMQ with VB problem

By MickyD ·
We have a COM+ Application residing on a Win2k server that has queueing enabled. When I call the component from my app using MSMQ everything is cool AS LONG AS no errors occur in the method invoked. If there are any errors that occur in the method, even though the On Error GoTo picks it up, the call is repeated several times. For example, the method is Print. You call Print, and it Prints. But if it encounters an error in updating one of the records, MSMQ keeps retrying the method call, therefore printing several copies (it never ends up stopping). I have tried using On Error Resume Next with no luck. It is completing the transaction at the end of the method (it is not calling SetAbort, it is definitely SetComplete).

How can I stop MSMQ from retrying? Or any other solution...

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MSMQ with VB problem

by davidwaddleton In reply to MSMQ with VB problem

Check the Message Queue to see if the it using trasactions or not. It sounds like the MSMQ queue is setup as transactional. See that that makes a difference.

David Waddleton

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