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MSN Messenger and Router Firewall

By skontos ·
Why would I have to turn off the firewall feature in the Microsoft MN-500 wireless router to enable a video (or audio) conference in MSN Messenger?

Both parties have the lastest version of MSN Messenger and we can IM each other, but audio or video does not work until I disable my router's firewall - which I would rather not do.

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by TechKid In reply to MSN Messenger and Router ...

because the audio/video functionality uses a differnet port than the messaging part. You need to find out what port the audio/video works on and open that port on the firewall

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by skontos In reply to

I'm not sure that helps me. My question was pretty bad - more rhetorical than precise.

I hear what you're saying, but I'm not sure MSN Messenger works with NAT routers at all the more i think about what is going on. I'm resisting combing the web for an authoritative list of the voice, voice call, video and file transfer ports used by Messenger.

If it truly is "just" a port issue, and I don't think it is, what ports then would I open to appease MSN Messenger?

A Google search (including a search of MS Knowledgebase)has given me conflicting port numbers - perhaps there was a change - and I found none used by the "send webcam" or "video conference" function.

Is this a port or NAT issue? If port, which ports in which directions for which protocols need to be opened? If an issue with NAT routers, then I am screwed. NAT is a good thing, a natural firewall and I don't want to alter that router setting.

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by LMon In reply to MSN Messenger and Router ...

techkid is right. Also have you forgotten about any additional firewalls. ie nav utilities,zone alarm, microsoft firewall if you have xp.

Contact microsoft router support team see if they can help you without billing you. which i strongly doubt. you can always send the tech support team an email see if they can help you with the correct ports should be too dificult for them so they both belong to them

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by skontos In reply to MSN Messenger and Router ...

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