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MSN Product Development Tree

By plantogo2000 ·
Need definition of what Win 9x and NT Workstation v.4 is up to W2K. Need description (for the neophyte or beginner) to de explain the product development tree of MSN products.
What was the first product on up and what did each basically do, on upthe ladder all the way to Windows 2000 including those planned as an extension of W2K products that are not yet released?
How do they fit together? What is the standard progression (if there is one) in terms of upgrade? What are the costs of thedifferent products?
Especially interested in the architectural differences of the different products from the technical perspective and an understanding of the effects to users from an applications (actual use) standpoint.
Would appreciate explanation so that a housewife going out to buy first PC can understand the hardware, software and communications development tree. Expect a comprehensive answer especially including references to information that will assist in explanation.

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MSN Product Development Tree

by jmar In reply to MSN Product Development T ...

I don't believe I would be able to answer all your questions in this limited space (1000 word limit). But there are two sites that offer up a lot of info that may be of use to you. One deals with anything Windows, The other offers basic info on Windows 95, 98 and NT as well as other programs,
Windows started out with version 3 which was a GUI (graphical user interface) shell of DOS and not a real separate OS (operating system).Windows 95 was the first true GUI OS from Microsoft. Then came 98. Windows NT 4 is a more stable OS that is different from 95/98. For a housewife, 98 is the best option for her. (Note: 98 is now up to the Second Edition version) I think, 98 runs about $180 or so if bought separately as a complete program but about $100 when bought as an upgrade. 2000 costs about $400 to $500 for the complete program depending on the version while the upgrade costs about $200 to $300. But usually the OS would come with the PC

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MSN Product Development Tree

by plantogo2000 In reply to MSN Product Development T ...

This is a good answer for the accomplished PC user. I am looking for an answer (preferably a matrix of product and function over time) of the MSN proudct mix over time.

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