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MSNAPPAU.EXE...Can't turn OFF !!!

By cyberghost_1 ·
Four days ago, I noticed a slowdown in my PC. I always have 3 things running from StartUp. Explorer, Systray, and FreeRAM Pro. 4 days ago I noticed MSNAPPAU in the Control>Alt>Del Window. I traced it to being MSN Updater. I found 2 instances in C:\WINDOWS\System\ One for MSN Toolbar, and the other in MSN Apps. I keep trying to turn it off but i can't. I have had MSN Toolbar for months and it never appeared. i think I started when I reinstalled IE6 and Updated IE6. What is it and why won't it go away?

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by pierrejamme In reply to MSNAPPAU.EXE...Can't turn ...

Dump the MSN toolbar and use the Google toolbar for searching. I have found it the only respectable toolbar out there.
With the MSn, you have probably dragged in tons of spybots and adbots, perhaps even a trojan or two. I have seen computers barely functioning because they had 700 spies on them using Kaza or something similar.
Since you have the program freeRAM running you probably think you don't have enough RAM. 256 for w98, W2k and 512MB for XP works pretty good, more is better (W98 maxed ou at 512).
Check your virus status first. A good program to use if your Windows Viruscanner is compromised is eith NOD32 for DOS trial at:
Or Mcafee's Stinger at:
If you are unfamiliar with spyware/Malware, check out the articles at:,4149,1522416,00.asp,4149,1523357,00.asp

After you are virus free then attack SpyWare.
For the Spyware/Malware the two Free scanners are AdAware 6 at:
And Spybot Search & Destroy at:
After Installing each check for updates before proceeding. Both have several cool tricks, Adaware has a custom search that can search your Hosts file and your archived files as well. SPpybot S&amp has an new program called Teatime that doesn't install by default you have to check the box ehn you are installing. SPybot S&amp also has an Immunization program.
Another excelent program is SpySweeper from, it allows for one update and then you need to purchase to get anymore updates. It will find a lot that the two free one didn't.
I also use PestPatrol which also costs money. It is located at: and they have a free pest scan if you can stay on the Internet long enough.

Report back

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by pierrejamme In reply to

Steve Gibson also has several really good security tools at:

When you are all clean, get the free ZoneAlarm 4.5 at:
This is a slighly older version, but the is a problem with version 5.0.
Or even better buy the Pro version.
If you don't have a virus scanner you can get a good free one at:
AVG v 7.0 at:

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to MSNAPPAU.EXE...Can't turn ...

That really helped !! I already have SpyBot, and Adware. AVG 7.0...You are right about the MSN Toolbar issue. BUT SpyBot S&amp says that I have Programs in Start Up that are left behid from Virii. Listed in HK_LM:Run (too many to list...) One is SystemTray/SysTray.Exe. SpyBot indicates that it isn't the TRUE FILE. That it was added as a reult of the BIGFOOT VIRUS. This is my EMail, write me so I can write back the long list of issues that I just learned about.....

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to MSNAPPAU.EXE...Can't turn ...

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to MSNAPPAU.EXE...Can't turn ...

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