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Msn's Hotmail

By PeterPac ·
What does everyone think of Hotmail releasing everyone's personal addy's. I just found this out today and personally I feel my security has been violated by microsoft.

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IMHO-you lose rights with free services

by sunne_daze In reply to Msn's Hotmail

I don't care for the idea, but since they are providing me the account for no charge, I would expect them to leverage the information. If I was paying a fee, then I would have issue with my privacy being violated.

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hotmail isn't so bad ....

by barty2be In reply to Msn's Hotmail

The big question of coaurse is , what is private info and what isn't.

If you use a free of charge mailbox, you must accepted the terms of the payer(= mail firm).

If you pay for it yourself than you are the payer en the mailfirm is something asan employee so it has to follow orders to it's superiors.You can give your own terms.

What to do now?

Use 2.. mail account.

one that you pay for --> use it for private correspondens

another(s)(free of charge)-->use it for normal/open correspondens

if you get to much publicity/spam

no problem. warn your friends that you will have an new adress
and open/sign up for a new/free email acount

In any case (you use hotmail I hear) you have their an option : block sender and a filtering option

I suggest you use it .

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by vino_mk In reply to Msn's Hotmail

Msn hotmail is more secured site than other sites like yahoo or
They can publish your address, but its difficult to hack your private mails since its going through a encrypted mode of data transfer.

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