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Msproxy server and MsExchange 5.5

By w04525 ·
How do I get an Internet connection on the server ?. All clients can access the internet (msproxy client).

I've installed Antigen on the exchange server for virus protection. The problem is that antigen can't get his update's from the internet. I've tried to connect to the internet on the Exchange server (Win Nt4.0 Sp5) but did not succeed.

Can anyone help me with this problem ?
Is it posible to connect to the internet on a Exhange server who's running MSproxy server ?

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RE: Msproxy server and MsExchange 5.5

by IT Geek In reply to Msproxy server and MsExch ...

Are you saying you have Proxy and Exchange on the same server???? If so, I'm surprised you can get it to work. You didn't say if your clients are getting their email as well as being able to surf the web.

The way my network is setup is this. A cisco router takes the internet traffic and runs it a cisco switch with three VLANs. One VLAN is for the internal network. The other two are for the wireless point-2-point(connects two sites by microwave towers) and the wireless internet which handles the email and internet surf traffic. On my exchange and proxy servers, I have two NICs a piece. One for the internal traffic and one for the Internet. If I'm having internet or email problems, I can tell if it's an inside sw problem if I canconnect to the Internet without using the proxy. It's a nice way to work so long as you've got a darn good firewall, pay attention to your network traffic and keep up on your patches and antivirus updates.

You may have your router configured to not have the exchange and proxy servers on the web. If so, can't help you there.

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by w04525 In reply to RE: Msproxy server and Ms ...

You have a nice network running.
My clients are able to read their mail from this server AND access the internet.

NTexchange and MSproxy on 1 server (NTexchange BDC).
Ok, next to the NTserver for file's (PDC).
But the ntserver connects to the internet using msproxy client. (
( is the ntexchange server).
Port 80 is the msproxy server. The gw is

Maybe a Cisco router wil do the tric.

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Proxy Client

by SBWorks In reply to Msproxy server and MsExch ...

Try installing the proxy client on the server to make it a client of itself

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I've tried that to but

by w04525 In reply to Proxy Client

The problem is if you install the msproxy client on the server, the proxy server simply stops. So no client is able to access the internet. This problem solves if you uninstall the msproxy client and restart the server.

But the clients are ableto access the internet and read their mail from the same server (msproxy and ntexchange).
But Antigen (who's running on the exchange server) is not able to update. Unable to access the internet from the msproxy server !.

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proxy problem.

by hayoubee In reply to Proxy Client

Do u have Back office SBServer?
because u said that both server on one system.

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good question.

by w04525 In reply to proxy problem.

I've no Idea. Because the server is located on an other site. I've have to contact the local administrator there if I wan't to know that for sure. But I think it is just NT4.0 so no SBS. This NT4 Server is running on SP5 and is the BDC. On this verry same server is running Exchange 5.5 and MSproxy Server. Don't know how, but it works !.

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Look for other solution

by hayoubee In reply to good question.

you have really diffecult senario.Is it possible to dowenload the updat to tijdelek directory and used this directry for updating.

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