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Much appreciate your help

By muddin ·
It was possible because of your help.

I am a Windows person and don't have much experience with Cisco Stuff. My job involves configuring Switch/Router now and will ask you questions. Hope that will be OK.

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Telnet connection setup for Cisco 2950 switch

by muddin In reply to Much appreciate your help

I can ping to the Switch and can connect through Telnet, but Console password does not work? Do I need to setup for Telnet session?

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Could you explain

by NetMan1958 In reply to Telnet connection setup f ...

what you mean by "console password does not work"?

Here is an article that may answer your question. This article seems to be geared toward routers however the only difference is that a switch has 16 vty lines. So instead of "line vty 0 4" you should use "line vty 0 15"

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Telnet connection 2950 switch

by muddin In reply to Could you explain

Sorry I should have made it more clear. When I login with Hyper Terminal I need a password to go into "en" mode, this I meant a console password.

When I do "Telnet" (my VLAN 1 IP address)from a network PC it ask for a passowrd and if I provide the same pasword which I use to go to enable mode it does not work. My question is before connecting to a switch via Telnet do I need to configure it first or it is there by default?

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Cisco Passwords

by NetMan1958 In reply to Telnet connection 2950 sw ...

There are several different passwords that you can set on a Cisco device. Here is a list of some of them:
(1) line passwords (con and vty)
(2) enable (password and secret)
(3) local user database

When you type "en" and enter the password you are entering "privileged" mode. I think this article should clear it up for you. Click on the small pictures to make them larger so you can read them:

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NetGear ADSL Router

by muddin In reply to Cisco Passwords

I am not sure if you can help me with this (Because it's not a Cisco device). In my small network I have the 2950 cisco switch and wanted to make few VALNs and Trunkports to see if these VLANs communicate. To do this I need a Router in my network. Can I use the Netgear ADSL Roter(DG834PN) as my Network Router? Also can I setup Telnet connection(VTTY)for the Netgear box as well? or I need a Cisco Router?

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I doubt that the netgear

by NetMan1958 In reply to NetGear ADSL Router

can be used for that. It appears to be a DSL to ethernet router and you need an ethernet to ethernet router or a router that supports "router-on-a-stick" to route between vlans. Also, most of those low-end routers don't support telnet.

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How about a Cisco 3600 Router?

by muddin In reply to I doubt that the netgear

How about a Cisco 3600 Router for this purpose?

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What is the exact model

by NetMan1958 In reply to I doubt that the netgear

number of the 3600 and what interfaces does it have installed?

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