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Much varying PC internal speeds case no 1.

By PeteVfi ·

Here you have the first one.

Case no 1. Old PI/133MHz laptop

This old laptop is working quite well on net on a DSL-line, but of course somehow slowly, but it doesn't matter too much on that particular "light" usage of it.

I have been testing it hundreds of times on PC Pitstop, and got all the time much varying test results between sub-sequent re-boots. Sometimes the throughput results MIPS, MB/s, MP/s etc. are very good on all the CPU, memory and video, and remain about the same on sub-sequent tests during the same boot. But after a re-boot, warm or cold or cold-cold-cold, the results are always on a completely different levels compared with the previous test rounds, sometimes really bad, sometimes medium-good/bad, sometimes there between etc. Also some of the result values may vary between sub-sequent tests during a same boot, but this isn't so much remarkable. But, sometimes I have been notising, that if e.g. CPU and memory are getting good values/speeds, the video may get a lower one, and if e.g video is on full speed CPU or memory may have a lower speed, and this same applies between all these 3 components somehow randomly ... And sometimes all the three may get quite low results at the same time.

So, what might be behind all this? I have been thinking about it and come to the conclusion, that there must be some "rules" how the mobo/bus resources are given or divided to the components at the boot-up beginning. And, I have been doing the tests now so many times with a certain procedure/routine and with just the same few selected programs/processes on, so, there can't anymore be any varying influence from that direction.

If anyone is interested on this case I can give more detailed descriptions and test details/values.

Best regards,

Pete V.

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by PeteVfi In reply to Much varying PC internal ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by araxis In reply to Much varying PC internal ...

With a laptop that old I can almost guarentee the video is intergrated with the cpu.Or scenario 2:The video card is seperate & shares system memory for its own uses.

So yes your rite.The CPU,VideoCard,are more than likely sharing resources.When one is stressed the other also will perform less.

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by dmiles In reply to Much varying PC internal ...

There could be a number of factors involved in the varying speeds during the test.

Read the report from the test that follows and also the read me text that will explaing the speed differences before performing the test.

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