Mulitple DNS A records

By iainspeed2007 ·
I've just started at a company, and in their DNS they have several IP's that have multiple A records associated to them. I've not seen this before, and wondered if they should have CNAMEs instead? I can see the reason for multiple A records with the same label against *different* IP's, but not the other way round.

A Records - IP
Server1 -
FileServer -

Any help is much appreciated.

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by Churdoo In reply to Mulitple DNS A records

They could use CNAME, or they could leave it as is. Obviously they want the name "server1" and the name "Fileserver" to resolve to the device at CNAME may be easier to manage in the event that they needed to change the IP of the device, but at the expense of a couple of milli-seconds having to resolve the CNAME for each lookup.

Bottom line, either method works and it's a matter of administrative preference.

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by iainspeed2007 In reply to CNAME

thanks, much appreciated.

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