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Multi-boot Systems Made Easy: Boot any HardDrive, any OS ...

By CisfRjsii ·
By: Computer Interface Systems (R) First

Due to the need for proper Management of
The FOUR HardDrives on my emachines Normal IDE Primary and Slave Ribbon cables.
The FOUR HardDrives on my ATA card`s IDE Normal Primary and Slave cables.
The external HardDrive and one USB drive.

I developed the following BOOT.INI that is capable of booting even into the ATA or external HardDrive as an active partition, IF selected so by; Selective ordering of the system BIOS. setup.

Note: I usually view up to 5 hardDrive partitioning aspects from Partition Commander version 9.01 actually called Partition Commander 10

ie; when in the partition Commander I use the drop down menue to access the other drives. For assistance here contact me as well from contact Info below ...

All in all: Thats 10 Drives being programmed and it does route lettering from C: to Z:

My Internal CdRW & Double layered CdDvd burner are Lettered W: X: and my External CdDvd Double Layered burner is lettered Y:

I need to express that this is so on all ( 8 ) machines in my office being repaired.

This allows for the maximum use of the drive lettering system for the HardDrives and their Operating systems ie;

C: & on Harddrive (0) 1 Active OS
H: &. I: on HardDrive (1) 1 Active OS
M: & N: on HardDrive (2) 1 Active OS

My Z: is reserved for Windows 9x ( 98SE ) HardDrive 0 PartItion 1 OR LETTER IF NEEDED TO FORCE The lettering to properly letter E: F: & G: appropriately so all programs are seen in thier correct locations as described below

My Extended Partitioning goes like this
Partition__ carefully selected for 11 characters and works excellant

HardDrive (0) Extended Partitions
Partition__ (E:) HardDrive Cache\Safe Deposit
Partition__ (F:) Downloads A To Z Installers
Partition__ (G:) Games, Album & Micellanious

HardDrive (1) Extended Partitions
Partition__ (J:) HardDrive Cache\Safe Deposit
Partition__ (K:) Downloads A To Z Installers
Partition__ (L:) Games, Album & Micellanious

Then next is XP Professional or Vista in yes you guessed it NTFS ...

it` important to have at least one OS like Home edition in Fat32 format that can see ( Visualize ) and swap / copy some NTLDR or problem startup files if needed when one system fails to boot.

The active Partition in;
MS DOS Windows always boots as C: then so here I will use for 9x ( 98SE ) on the first Drive Zero (0) or Z: if I have another OS like Home Edition or other OS in a Fat32 format NOT NTFS format

Please note:
I have used windows 9x ( 98SE )
to re-Install a corrupted NTLDR into an xp Professional Fat32 Operating System

Also Note; NTFS file Systems can see,
( View & Edit ) any Parttion or OS ...

However, Fat32 Systems either
Windows 9x ( 98SE ) - Created as Fat32
Windows Home Edition - Created as Fat32
Windows xp professional - Created as Fat32
can only see ( View & Edit) only Fat32 Partitions or Operating Systems ...

In the Early days when Microsoft developed the HardDrive System ( It Remains the same today ), to run the Maximum numbering and Lettering possible.

For a full muti-boot System there is NO OTHER Way. Perriod ...

If CdDvd Drives up to three on a unit, are the Lettered W Primary ) X Slave ) and Y External ) ALWAYS ,,, this will allow for a quick shutdown and addtional HardDrive added to the system without the need to go back into My Computer\Management\Disk Management and reletter all the drives just to add in another Hardrive.

Very time consuming as, at times the system may have to be Re-Booted to allocate the new Letters to provided for continuing succession of lettering on the remaining drives.

USB flash Drives are Always R: S: and thier hierarchy Disks lettered U: V:

An iPod Just added in will Be Q: or T: for the time

Q: & T are sometimes used for the fourth extended Partition__(T:) Drive (0) and Partition__Q: on Drive (1) if not hidden by the operator or the Operating system.

Now! you may only Use One HardDrive and One or two CdDvd RW Drives But, My Research and HardDrive Developement has demanded my understanding of how Microsoft set this up some 28 years ago.

To get a Better Understanding of me read My Profile. I would be glad to answer any and all Questions, although some could or should be at a cost.

I am aging now and truley have a desire to share this knowledge pent-up in this old
mainframe on the top of my shoulders with the youth of our time, as well as have them teach an old sole a new trick or two ...

Why So Many Hardrives ???
Look at My Profile, as I am a Professional Hardrive Programmer that Re-writes, Removes bugs, Installs all Updates and Service packs so far up to SP3 and personally customizes HardDrives to YOUR desires.
ie; Wallpaper, protections, Spamming, VOIP, Internet and 107 cable channels for about $65.00 per month that includes the Skype VOIP calling ANYWHERE in the world for $9.95 per month

NOW Then;
For a Fails-Safe Boot.ini capable of booting
From: Floppy 3 1/2 Drives
From: Active partition Safe Mode.
From: HardDrive 0 Partitions 1,2,3
From: HardDrive 1 Partitions 1,2,3
From: Recovery console if Installed.
From: Dos / 9x. If Installed correctly.
From: an ATA card or External HardDrive.
Boot.ini has a 34 second selection delay.
Contact me below and for $10.00
I will zip and password a Specially concepted boot.ini with a 34 second selection time delay that will boot to any OS selected as active. GAURANTEED...

Call First and be willing to sign a minor legal non-sharing License ...
YOURS to Use - Not to Share ...

A Quick lesson article
Sincerely from Ziggy.42o

SKYPE: Ziggy.42o
eMail: CisfRjsii@yahoo.com
Cisf(c)tm.Rjsii: 1984-(c)-2084
Computer Interface Systems (R) First

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