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    Multi booting Win98,Win2k,Suse 9.0


    by strikeleader ·

    I am new ti Linux and want to install Suse to a second drive in my system. I have Win 98 and 2000 installed in a dual boot on my first drive. what do I need to know/do to setup Suse on my second drive and have a multi boot system.

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      by tprince9 ·

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      If you install SuSE 9.0 with both drives on line, it will want to take over MBR. The 2K boot menu will be an option on the SuSE boot menu. Should you wish to restore the 2K MBR, that will be facilitated if you have Recovery Console, and maybe a recovery floppy, working before you make the change. Also, it will be useful to make a linux /boot partition (not reiserfs) of about 50MB for use should you decide to make SuSE boot off the 2K boot menu. To do that, when linux is running, you install a 2nd copy of grub in /boot, then use dd to make a Windows C: file copy of the 512 byte boot sector at the beginning of /boot. Adding a boot.ini selection which starts that file allows you to start grub, in case a Windows repair removes grub from MBR. There are earlier versions of the boot.ini setup on SuSE, redhat, and other sites. Most of the descriptions have extra steps which give more opportunities to go wrong, but to each his own. It works about the same for either the 586 or x86-64 versions of SuSE.

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