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Multi-home: fix IP sub' and DHCP via DSL

By alex.c ·
I am having problems setting up a multi-homed NT4 server to address a sub-net with fixed IPs on one side and access to an ISP with DHCP (NAT) addressing via xDSL on the other. It is intended to to set up a firewall and cache with Proxy Server 2.0. prior to exchanging NAT for fixed IP. Apart from the stringent installation requirements of Proxy Server 2 itself, can anyone help identify the connections necessary for my brain to get this arrangement up-and-running?

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Creating those brain connections

by BuffaloDan In reply to Multi-home: fix IP sub' a ...

My preferred method for getting those brain connections on in the past was Psylociben, followed by copious quantities of cerveza.
However, this is now frowned upon, as it tends to lend itself to straying from the task at hand...
which is defining a router using NT server in a multi-homed configuration.

Since 1/2 your router is going to be assigned a random IP address from a set pool of addresses, I would first inquire from your ISP as to the nature of their IP Scope that you will be a partof.

lease duration, and your subnet are critical pieces of info i would suspect. as you need to know what IP address to assign as the default gateway to your inside nic....

Geez, the beer's sounding better every minute......

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It's a very small blue planet we live on

by alex.c In reply to Creating those brain conn ...

I believe we are experiencing the 6 degrees? I prefer CIDR to Cerveza myself.

May I introduce myself, I enjoy the 'sense' of positive collaboration.. I believe in the momentum of sharing and live for the moment.

Greatfully smiling.

Do you need any points for this? i.e. defining the conventional terms for the 'problem' in hand? I think this is the hard value of your reply as 'pool, scope, lease duration, subnet and gateway' are already understood, albeit now in a confirmed context.
Let me know.


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