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Multi-homing Data Server

By holwerds ·
I have a data server that is in my data center subnet that services multiple subnets, but there is one subnet that has very high bandwidth requirements. If I add a second NIC and attach that to the heavy usage subnet, and leave the first NIC attached to the data center subnet then both sides can access it. However, how do the workstations on the heavy used subnet know to use the local interface rather than the interface that needs to be routed if DNS resolves the name to the data center address without adding a static route on every host?

Or does the first communication to the server get routed to the data center network, where the server responds from the NIC on the heavy subnet and the ongoing communication takes place on the subnet rather than traversing through the routed network infastructure?

Just wondering how this is properly configured, or if I am missing something.



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