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Multi-parent directories in an online bookmarks manager?

By lenoxuss ·
I'm looking for an online bookmarks manager whose organizational directories -- whether they are called tags, folders, categories, labels, or whatever -- can themselves be put into more than one directory. The only web services that I know even use such a system are Google Docs (where a folder can belong in more than one folder) and MediaWiki (where a category can belong in more than one category -- the best known MediaWiki site is Wikipedia). I feel like I've seen every single bookmarking service out there, but I'll bet there's still more I haven't heard of -- so are there any that do this?

(By the way, I'm enough of a novice that I don't want to do any coding or anything -- I just want a pointer to a website that does this, whether for free or as a paid service. Thanks in advance!)

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You can do it offline as well ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Multi-parent directories ...

Within Firefox for instance.

Without knowing why you are looking for this facility I can only suggest you may be looking for something that you don't actually require.

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by lenoxuss In reply to You can do it offline as ...

In fact, I'm more or less OK with doing this offline, then syncing across computers. The only problem is that I'm not aware of any browser that does what I'm looking for. Firefox bookmark folders can only go into one parent folder each, and I prefer to think of folders as nodes rather than containers ? sort of like the way pages on the world wide web link to other pages without "containing" them.

And yes, maybe no one else requires this dream system of mine, but I do, gosh darn it! Stupid Wikipedia and Google Docs gave me a paradigm that doesn't seem to have appeared in the bookmarking world?

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