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Multi-Partition Benifits

By BEHamilton · there any benefit or recommendations with running multiple partitions on a server? For partition for boot files, one for the OS, one for Applications, one for other misc files..etc. Background: Running Windows 2000 Server with two processors to control industrial automation equipment. Applications are already split between processors using a program called Processor Affinity. We recently changed our configuration from multi-partitions to a single partition and I am now wondering if we lost any performance or stability or anything else by doing so.

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Multi Partitions -> Yes

by rindi1 In reply to Multi-Partition Benifits

In my opinion it is always a good Idea to use different partitions for different purposes. I always setup one Partition for the OS and another for Data. Often I also use a further Partition for Temporary files, like the swapfile etc and another for Data that doesn't normally change. Such a concept makes things more structured. It also helps for Backing up and restoration.

If your OS has gone bad, it is often necessary to reinstall that OS. If you have that OS on the same Partition as all your data, you will have to restore that after reinstallation. If it is on a separate partition, that data is still there.

It normally doesn't make sense to back up the OS on tape, as it normaly isn't possible to do a restore of the OS without first having an OS installed to access the Backup Software from. So it is just necessary to backup the System State of the OS. So, to plan a backup, it makes sense to backup Data regularly, and if that data resides on a separate partition, you can set up your program to backup that partition on a daily Basis. If you have data, like copies of installation CDs etc that doesn't change regularly and you have that data on a separate partition, then you only need to make backups of that partition when you have made a bigger change.

Another point to keep in mind is that your backup media often only have a certain capacity, so I keep my partitions no larger than the size of my backup media.

Performance issues could arise if you only use 1 partition, particulary from fragmentation and swapping, if you use a separate partition for those activities, it is less likely you will be experiencing fragmentation problems

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More Partitions

by parvez In reply to Multi Partitions -> Yes

I do agree with markus points.
On my server, I've creatd more then one partition which make the maintenance process easy and simple. It is always a good idea (regardless whether it's a PC or a Server) to have more then one partitions. If your server is running only and only one application then you won't feel difference in the performance but if you server is a PDC, Web Server, SQL Server, etc then for sure you do. I'll suggest to go back to the original setup with more then one partition.
Good Luck.

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More Partitions, but in multiple disks

by eddielcp In reply to More Partitions

Partitioning helps, but if there is a need to format the only harddisk with multiple partitions, I guess you will need to do the restoration anyway.

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More Partition?

by parvez In reply to Multi-Partition Benifits

If your server is running just one application to control industrial automation and no other user's applications are installed then I think ONE partition will be just fine and will give you better performance.
But if your application generate data and you would like to store on the same partition then one partition is not recommended.
Multiple partitions do not affect the performance
of the system.

Parvez A. Siddiqui

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It would be far safer to have multiple partitions spread over

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to More Partition?

Multiple drives rather than on the one drive which is more susceptible to failure.

I've also noticed a heavily used file server that had only 1 HDD and 4 partitions on was much slower than the same unit when fitted with several HDD as the read write heads can only read one thing at a time on a multi partition HDD where the data can be pulled off different drives at the same time in a multiple drive setup and you get much better performance.


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oh wait a minute

by nazil dsouza In reply to Multi-Partition Benifits

hey having multi partitions the manner you are putting might getb bad apparently its better to put the os in one data in another plus be sure to keep the sys volume of the active directory also in the data volume such that to keep a back up of it..............

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