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Multi-Processor issue with Windows XP

By pmeseck ·
Here is the History:
I am upgrading (7) Dell Precision 420 workstations running windows NT sp6. These workstations consisted of 1 processor 866 secc2 (2 capable), 512 ram, 18G scsi 10k drive, integrated nic (920 3com) and audio(Crystal), floppy, diamond gl2, Adaptec aic-7899 bios Ver 25113 and IDE CD-rom.
Here is what I am changing:
2 processors 866 secc2 (purchased from dell)fire gl 8800 ATi, and XP Professional. Simple enough right? Wrong! I put in the video card, processor, and wiped the hard drive for a clean install. after installing XP, I had a conflict between the audio, video, and integrated nic. I thought it could be the video because it loaded a gen. driver. So I installed the xp drivers for the video(via install discthat came with card) and rebooted. This put XP into a continuous reboot, (when you see the xp screen before login it would restart the pc.) So I removed the video card put it the old one and it booted up. however it went to generic video again. I installed the diamond drivers and ... continuous reboot again. So I put the file gl card back in and disabled the second processor in bios, booted up and No Conflict. video, int nic, and sound all functioned fine. Because I have 7 of these to do I tried swapping out processors 4 different ways and but it didn't help. whenever you enable second processor you get a conflict between video, nic and audio. error code is 10 in device manager. two processors show up without error and function correctly. help please I need to get these out by next week. XP install is an open lic. agreement with MicroSoft.
Service tag of first pc is 1ILUL
here is the motherboard: PWA, Planar (Motherboard), SLT1, Carmel, G/T800, Precision Workstation
Thanks Paul

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Multi-Processor issue with Windows XP

by pmeseck In reply to Multi-Processor issue wit ...

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Multi-Processor issue with Windows XP

by pgm554 In reply to Multi-Processor issue wit ...

This is an ACPI issue.Try the following:

1.Make sure you have the latest bios flashed and up to date.Set everything to factory default.

2.Break the system down to its bare-bones mode .
Disable everything you don't need initially(No sound card, ethernet,or USB)

3.Install the OS with the 2nd processor included.

4.Install all service packs from Dell and M$(including hardware updates).Get the system stable first.

5.Add one card at a time and let XP detect and install.

6.Everything should be able to use irq 9 ,if not the video card may not be fully ACPI 2.2 compliant.

It is my understanding Diamond is out of the video card business ,you may need to go to another card(Note:Dell modifies the bios for its video cards and it is not a true Diamond retail card).
I use the Diamond TNT 2 Ultra on XP and have no issues w/MP.You may need to change video cards.

Good luck

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