Multi-Server Backups

By mr.sweetchuck ·
We are looking at adding a second server in the short term. I am looking into ways of backing up the two servers. I was wondering if you could help.

Currently we are backing up the server, (Windows SBS 2003) using Syamtec BackupExec 10d, (software), writing to tapes in a HP StorageWorks.

The storage works can only plug into one machine, but the BackupExec software can be installed on multiple machines and centrally controlled by one instance. Ideally, we would reuse both, (waste not, want not.) Is there a way to backup the data off of multiple servers onto the tapes using BE and StorageWorks?

I want to introduce a strategy that is scalable for multiple servers. Obviously the more servers we have, the more data that is being backed up.

Hopefully, someone other has an idea of what I can do.


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BE can do it.

by bart777 In reply to Multi-Server Backups

The trick is to make sure that you have the proper licenses for it.

After you do that you can push the client to the second server using the remote installation wizard. Note: This will reboot the box and will not warn you about it.

Once the client is installed and the server has rebooted you can backup any files that you choose to over the network to the taape device.

Done this many times for many customers over the years.

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BE can, but can StorageWorks

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to BE can do it.

Hi bart777,
I was looking into this before and what I gathered was that BE can backup multiple servers, but the backup device has to be directly plugged into the server. Storageworks, (or at the very least, the StorageWorks that we have) can only connect to one machine. This is our problem. Is there something that we could have BE backup the servers to? Maybe something plugged into the ethernet? Could we recycle the Storageworks to backup this device? Or are they're devices out there that plug into the ethernet with a tape drive, that we could backup the servers to?


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backup to disk folder

by bart777 In reply to BE can, but can StorageWo ...

In BE you can tell it to backup anywhere you would like. Setup a backup location and then run it to there. This could be a local disk, USB device, etc. If you back it up to the local box then Storage works should be able to grab it and send it to tape.

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Disk to Disk Backup Question

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to backup to disk folder

Thanks Bart,
You're being very helpful. I've looked into these ideas. The big problem is that getting a server to backup to a folder, (say on the DC) won't work. There's too little space and the idea jsut isn't scallable.

Backing up to external hard drives gets very messy, (but might be a decent idea for the short term.)

I am looking at the idea of getting an Ethernet-based backup device, that all servers can backup to. During my research, I came across one or two that looked interesting.

What is Disk-to-Disk backups? Is it backing up the hard drive of the server to a hard disk? If so, how is off-site storage done? Do these devices then backup to a tape? Failing that, can the devices be hooked up to something like StorageWorks?

I think this may well be the best solution.


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Disk to Disk

by bart777 In reply to Disk to Disk Backup Quest ...

You are correct. This is essentially a disk copy.

Now as for the offsite here is how I set up several of my customers.
Get 2 or 3 USB 2.0 drives.
Plug each drive in and set the drive letter to you preference.
Setup a Removable Backup to Disk folder on the USB drive.
Create the backup job.
Once the job is done you take that drive offsite and put the next drive on.
Now you can rotate the drives as needed so that at least 1 drive is offsite at all times.

Now in most cases these were customers who had fairly small networks. Usually no more than about 4 servers. I did have 1 bank that used this stratagy and stored the offsite backup in the vault in one of the other branches.

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Another option to consider, but there's a cost involved in using it

by ManiacMan In reply to Disk to Disk Backup Quest ...

Build a SAN and offload any data to be backed up to the SAN and use the SAN's built in block level mirroring/snapshot utility to backup to another standby unit without ever having to deal with tapes. NetApp makes devices called Filers, which run a proprietary Linux style OS based on FreeBSD called OnTap. The units can be setup to "SnapMirror" data to another unit at predefined intervals, so you'll have a block level and usable copy of the data in online mode, as opposed to offline mode with tapes.

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Well, you still need to have at least 1 hosting server to drive storagework

by ManiacMan In reply to BE can, but can StorageWo ...

device and install BE agents on the other hosts you're looking to backup. The only drawback to agents is that the LAN tends to get saturated during the backups, but that shouldn't be a problem because you're backing up during non-production hours anyway.

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Thanks Guys

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to Well, you still need to h ...

I'll give this all a though and put it to the bosses. I think we'll end up getting some sort of NAS and backing that up, as it would be a single point of backup.

Thanks for the suggestions,

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double post

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to Well, you still need to h ...

(double post) appologies

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