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    Multi Users updating data through a form


    by paul_quirk ·

    I have a table that contains a single field.

    The data in the field is a contact salutation for an account holder, e.g.

    Mr Bob Smith & Mrs Julie Smith

    I need to create a new table with this information normalised e.g.

    Original Data
    First Name1
    First Name2

    The majority of this data will be normalised using various coded rules. As the data can get quite complicated I also have to create a form so users can manually update the data.

    Presumably, I would need the following;

    A flag that identifies which records have been updated and which still need to be corrected.
    A query to selects and locks a single record for editing.
    A form to display the original record with fields for the user to input the corrected data into.

    I also need this to work on a network in a multi user environment but I can’t seem to get the record locking to work. When a record is in use on one PC it can also be accessed by another.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Also if you have any links to tutorials or guidelines on how to do this I would be happy to read through them to get a solution.



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