Multihome - 2 Subnets on 1 NIC

By denio ·
I have 2 Subnets that I am trying to access via the one NIC my PC has. I've played around with the TCP/IP Properties/Advanced. Tried adding a 2nd Gateway with a higher Metric, tried having no gateway, tried adding a static route with the "route add" command, and nothing seems to work.

Anyone has any ideas?

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set up?

by DownRightTired In reply to Multihome - 2 Subnets on ...

what exactly are you trying to do? what kind of hardware/wiring is between your nic and the 2 subnets?

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Wiring / Hardware

by denio In reply to set up?

Wiring is just Ethernet to Switch for one subnet which in turn is connected to other subnet switch. subnet 1 subnet 2

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not 2 subnets

by CG IT In reply to Multihome - 2 Subnets on ...

the NIC can only function using 1 subnet addressing at a time. Want 2 subnets? either use hardware profiles or stick a second NIC in there. laptops with wireless and wired NICs works this way. One is active one is not. The laptop uses which ever one is active most cases the wireless. If you want to use wired the wireless NIC needs to be disabled or you use a hardware profile that will disable the NIC [wired/wireless whichever].

you could try NLB, that might work

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by DownRightTired In reply to not 2 subnets

isnt there some ipconfig command that lets you set a sub-interface like on a router? I know you can do it in linux, seems like i found a way in windows but just played with it and dont remember.

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ipconfig dosen't do it

by denio In reply to sub-interface?

I checked that out but it dosen't do it. I was following the official instructions on MS Technet to "configure a multihomed system using a single network adapter" but that didn't work.

I'm just going to have to get a second NIC.

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by DownRightTired In reply to ipconfig dosen't do it

now I remember how i did it in windows. I was using VMWARE which allows you to add virtual NIC cards. I was thinking of IFconfig in linux...

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Laptops are different story

by denio In reply to not 2 subnets

Yeah, I know on a laptop a 2nd hardware profile works fine. But since MS Technet said that it was possible to have multiple IP's for separate subnets, I was trying to avoid buying a second NIC.

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