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Multihomed Server

I have a PC dual-bootable. When in Win98, I am hooked up to DSL service. Alos have a 2nd NIC installed that shares IRQ with USB controller. That NIC won't work even though all checks (ping) appear to be good.

When booted to NT4, IRQ 9 is used (solely by 2nd NIC). IT will not work there either! The NIC is good because I pulled it out & tested it as the client PC NIC (another machine). Any ideas!

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Multihomed Server..Reply

by rrussell110 In reply to Multihomed Server

First of all, how is you modem connected to PC? Hopefully not by USB. If not, you have to go into you BIOS and check to settings for peripheral/integrated devices and PCI/PNP configuration. Check to see if OS is controlled by AUTO for PNP or Manual for older legacy devices. You see some PCI devices will claim specific IRQs so you have to define one based on what slot the card is plugged in on the board.

Or, if you have two NICs of the same kind, get a different one. NT for sure will not allow two NICs of the same tpye in the same box(e.g. 2 3com 3c905B-TX). If that hold true for Win95/98, I don't know but that is another possiblilty.

Lastly, contingent on your modem not being USB, you could disable USB root hub and see if you get some connectivity.

Let me know how it turns out.

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I disagree on same type NIC's problem.

by tynemouth In reply to Multihomed Server..Reply

I have used the same type/model os NIC's in NT server and NT wkstn with no problems! Typically 3Com. Is your version of Win98 a second edition? If so part of my search is can win98 SE be multihomed. Win98 is better suited I think to do multihomed stuff,that win98 SE can share resources and IRQ's better.You might want to check in system tools, system info,components for "problem devices" to see if anything shows.

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Try this

by tynemouth In reply to I disagree on same type N ...

You may want to try a "route print" and "route add". I had a simialer [roblem after installing a 2nd NIC in a server). When doing a ping or tracert it would always go through the original NIC. So I was told by a Techie of ours to do this feature: yes it is in win98 too, mine was on NT 4 server tho. I had to do it again about 3 weeks later on another server (WinXP) and it worked again.
You will need to do some research on how to add it I just dont know enough about it.

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