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Multihoming router - doubts

By kawarimi ·
Hi, reccently I'm looking at my Edimax's multihoming routers. I feel not very satisfy with its performance or may be I have over expectation on it.
Well, since it claims to be multi-homed and has 4 WAN connection to single LAN connection with a throughput of 40Mbps, it seems doesn't making alot different on my 4x2Mbps ADSL link comparing with a single 2Mbps ADSL link.
Okay question time:
1. In the load balancing part, the router seems to be switching ALL WAN links with high traffic to the less busy WAN link instead of aggregating bandwith, is this a nature of multihoming router?
2. Correct me if i'mm worng, does multihoming routers will sum up All the WAN link's bandwdith? In my case 4x2Mbps ADSL = 8Mbps WAN speed?
3. If question 2 is true, then throughtput is for what purpose?
4. If this router really not doing its job, can ayone show me what is the true power of multihomed router, and can suggest me some nice routers in the market?
So can anyone help me out on these frustrations, it makes gettig multiple ADSL connections meaningless. Thanks guys!

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Multihoming routers

by DeN inc. In reply to Multihoming router - doub ...

1. The router uses load balancing to reduce the traffic flow. What it does is that, it actually diversifies the traffic through different WAN ports when the traffic gets heavy.

2.Multi-homing routers do not sum up internet bandwidth. It is basically used to ensure that the internet connection is always there (if one ISP line breaks down, there's another one there).

4. I have not looked into other multihoming routers yet but you might wanna look into cisco routers. And if your workplace has about 50 users, i would recommend you to take up multiple ADSL line.

you can always send me a message if you have any problems with other edimax product.

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