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Multimedia PCs - Watching + Recording TV

By tomf ·

For those of you that don't know, Microsoft is coming out with a 'Media Center PC'. It is designed to sorta take place of your television. Big flat screen, TV playing/recording capabilties.

Its really cool. Anyways they are requiring special hardware to support all this playback stuff.

I would like to setup this now w/o buying another 'special PC'. I have a TV card now. My question is: Does anyone else have their PCs setup towatch TV / record TV? If so please post your setup configuration. It would be really cool to record shows without TiVo. Please list software + hardware. Thanks!

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Multimedia PCs - Watching + Recording TV

by thorpe322 In reply to Multimedia PCs - Watching ...

I think i have a similar setup to what you are looking for. I have a PIII-600mhz PC w\384mb mem. Im using a Radeon All-In-Wonder 7500, 64MB card. Both the 7500 and the 8500 offer TV, DVD, pause live tv, VCR and many multimedia output functions. If your looking to turn your PC into a nice multimedia system i do recommend this line of Vid cards. It also runs games very nicely. The card includes all software necessary to do what you are asking. Good luck!

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by MSiemon In reply to Multimedia PCs - Watching ...

I also have the ATI All-in-wonder 9600xt. It includes the software to record tv and manage media although i do not find the interface to be nearly as intuitive or user friendly as lets say TiVo. The interface on WinXP MC edition looks really nice but i can't seem to find the os available standalone. Currently I'm running XP Pro and would like to upgrade to media center edition to utilize microsoft's DVR features. Does anyone know if this is possible? Are the ATI All in Wonder cards supported? Thanks!

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by elnhelper In reply to Multimedia PCs - Watching ...

I found an MDSN Trial version of windows Media Center 2005 and have been using it now with a radeon 9800 (w/ TV out) and the WinTV-PVR-500MCE from
Hauppage has other really excellent products as well which you can use without Media Center to do essentially the same thing.

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