Multiple Access Points for Wireless Network Through Switch

By hpa006 ·
I had a wireless network professionally installed through a third party that hosted the network. I no longer want to go through them and want my own network. I am trying to set-up a wireless network in large building. I have a cable modem plugged into a router and the router plugged into a 16 port switch. From the switch I am running 8 cat5 cables to wireless routers throughout the building. The routers are from the old network host so they automatically go to its log in site. I have tried to reset them to no avail. I am willing to replace the routers with new ones. My question is that how would I go about doing this? Am I able to buy new routers or access points and just plug them in where the old routers were? Also, would I be better off with access points or routers? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Depends on what you require here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Multiple Access Points fo ...

If you want the people connecting to the WiFi LAN to be able to communicate with each other through different WiFi Access Devices you need WiFi Access Points not Routers.

However if you wish to isolate the different Wireless Access Points from each other you'll need Routers.

As for replacing the existing devices you should be able to access them through their Setup which is generally a Web Page type thing that is accessed through a Web Browser when you enter the required Address. Though you should be doing this with a Wired Connection rather than a Wireless Connection.

But depending on what is already in place if the Cable Modem is being directed tot he initial Network Host that will be what is causing the system to default to the same provider.

Changing the setup at the WiFi Access Points isn't going to change the initial connection through the Cable Modem.


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New Wireless Network established

by hpa006 In reply to Depends on what you requi ...

Thank you for your reply. I do not need to isolate the WAPs from each other. I would rather have the same network anywhere in the building. Also, I have set up a new network where I plugged the cable modem into my own router and then that into the network switch. This works fine, I now just need to extend the wireless network throughout the building. I am curious to see if the APs will work if I just plug them into the switch. I can connect to the internet by hardwiring my computer to the switch and also by wireless through the new router.

I tried resetting the provider's routers by accessing them through the web page based setup but I cannot get access to them (no login info uid/pw), which is why I am considering replacing them. They are Linksys WRT54GL routers.

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Well I would start with the Linksys User Manual here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to New Wireless Network esta ...

But there is always the Reset Button which should clear the units and return them to their Default Configuration if no ones been messing with them. If they have and changed the Defaults to something different try installing the newest Firmware Update from the same Web Site.

But if you are going to replace them all you need are WiFi Access Points not Routers as for your needs you would have to enter the setup on each one and disable the Router Options.


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