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multiple boot

By zawlin ·
Dear sir,
i have a 20 giga byte hard disk on my system. I want to install window 98, window NT 4 server, window 2000 advanced server, linux 7.2 on this hard disk.I want to boot these operating systems with linux lilo manually.I want to know partition layout and format. and also want to know file systems.I want to know the way of installation these operating systems step by step.

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multiple boot

by R. A. Caluste In reply to multiple boot

i suggest the ff order:

1) install win98 first
2) install winnt 4
3) install windows 2000 ad
4) install linux 7.2

if you want to access files to and from win98, winnt4 and win2k, choose the FAT file system (NOT FAT32 or NTFS, FAT32 is not supported in NT and NTFS is not supported in win9.

create three dos partitions, one primary (win98), one extended (two logical drives for winnt and win2k). leave enough unpartitioned space for linux.

when you install linux, use the unpartitioned space for your boot, swap and root partition. use lilo to dualboot to windows, and win2k's boot.ini will allow you to choose from win98, winnt and win2k.

hope this helps.

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