Multiple Default gateway in win xp

By girisnair ·
In my office I have 2 internet routers.
i.e & wired & wireless.
All the pcs on the network are given as default gateway. If there is a breakdown on the then the users are not able to connect to the internet. I have added as additional gateway in all the pcs.
What cud be the problem. If I change the default gateway to then it connects.
I want the pcs connect automatically if there is breakdown to the second gateway.
Help pls.

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You need a fail over configuration

by Fregeus In reply to Multiple Default gateway ...

You need a fail over configuration to achieve what you are looking for. Without it, the pcs will never be able to do it automatically.

With Cisco routers, you can configure HSRP which will enable the two devices to talk to each other, if one fails, the other will automatically take over with the Standby address.


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Windows can only have one default gateway at a time

by robo_dev In reply to You need a fail over conf ...

and there is a feature 'dead gateway detection' that will remove your secondary gateway setting automatically.

The only proper way to do what you want is to deploy a dual-wan router of some sort.

Windows can do some simple routing, but it cannot do failover.

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