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Multiple Domain membership / Batch file?

By PowerIT ·
Hi all,

My problem is this:

I have a couple of users (MD and Operations manager) that travel between our two factories, which have different domains. Every time they swap buildings I have to manualy add them to either domain.

Is there a way to include more than one domain to log into or is there a batch file that one could run to automatically add their laptop to the relevant domain. Your help is appreciated.

Domain 1 - Win2003 Server Domain 2 - Win2000 Server;
Laptops both WinXP.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Multiple Domain membershi ...

Are the two factories connected via some sort of network? If so, you should be able to set up a trust on the domains and then each user should be able to login to the other domain.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Multiple Domain membershi ...

well, once they become domain members in each factory, they should remain sounds like a network config problem. it is unclear whether you are talking about 2 networks or three. if two, try this: get the Properties of the LAN connection on a laptop. Go to TCPIP Properties, then the Alternate Configuration tab. fill in the other factory info on that one...and place the users in Domain Membership at each office. then see if you get offered the domains to select on the login screen at each factory...

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by PowerIT In reply to Multiple Domain membershi ...

The different factories are not on any type of network together.

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by lowlands In reply to Multiple Domain membershi ...

There's no way to incluse more than one domain in your situation. That would only work if there was a trust setup.

As far as the batch file goes. Who would run the commands, an admin or a the users? As admin you could create a batch file and use the netdom command to join.

I am not sure if an issue would arise if the computer account already exists when you try the run the command though. And obviously, you need the proper permissions in the domain (add workstation to domain) to add a computer account.

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by curlergirl In reply to Multiple Domain membershi ...

I assume these are laptops that your users are carrying with them. If your concern is simply that they need to access certain resources on the each domain, the computer does not have to be a domain member in order for the user to access resources on the domain. It just makes it a little bit more complicated (as well as a little bit less secure) if they aren't a domain member. What I would do in your case is either: (a) remove the computers from both domains, have them as members of a separate workgroup, and have the users log on locally all the time; or (b) join the computer to the domain where the user is housed more often (if there is one), and have the user log on to that domain all the time (the domain credentials will be cached on the local computer, so they won't get an error message logging on). Then, when they need to connect to one or the other of the domains, all they need to do is plug in, make sure they have an IP address on the local subnet (no problem assuming you're using DHCP), and then try to access the domain through Network Places. They'll get a logon box, where they type in their credentials for the local domain to get authenticated to use the resources. Once they've typed in their local credentials to connect to the local domain, they will be able to access all local domain resources while they are connected.

Hope this helps!

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