Multiple Drives on Multiple PCs with same name

By martd74 ·
Hi all, I hope you can help me out please, i'm pretty ignorant with networks.
I have 6x PCs, all with the same computer name, all with 2x network HDDs connected.
The two network drives are from different manufacturers.
They are connected to the PCs via separate ports. connects to drive connects to drive
All works perfectly when they are running alone.
I'm trying to test all 6x systems on a single internet connection - connected via a separate port on 192.168.1.X
With one connected to the net all is great.
With more than one connected to the internet capsule 1 drops in and out every 9 minutes on all systems, capsule 2 will not map at all on all systems (although sometimes one or two systems will work fine)
Any ideas why?
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