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Currently I have a 1 T connection serving both our internal network's needs as well as serving our website. We also have a business cable internet connection to serve our internal network just in the infrequent case of our T going down. Currently the T1 connection goes directly into our ASA 5510 which branches to our internal and DMZ networks.

I am interested in allowing the business cable connection to serve the internal network's internet requests, so that when everyone is browsing the internet, it is not taking bandwidth away from our web server. Also, I would like this cable connection to serve as a backup to our T1 connection such that if the T1 went down, it would automatically switch to the cable connection, if possible.

Meanwhile, if I want to be able to access the web server from our internal network, it can still access it via our network rather than through the Internet.

Is any of this possible? Would I need an additional firewall/router? I was thinking that I could perhaps have both the T1 and cable connections go into a switch, then to the ASA which would have multiple gateways set up and route the traffic accordingly. Would this work? If not, how could I go about this?

Thank you for any help.

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