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    Multiple Harddrive on Linux?


    by dr.llvll ·

    Okay, I’m an old Windows user, but like this week is the first time I ever used Linux. I installed on a brand-new system I built Fedora. Now the problem is. I put the computer together with 2 Raided Harddrives to store my data, and 1 to hold my operating system (Fedora). Anyway, I booted it and when I got to the “Computer” icon on the desk top I don’t see my Harddrives. I see files and folders, but I can’t decide if only my 2 Raided Harddrives are appearing or if I just don’t know enough to get into my Oppereating system Harddrive. I think I might have installed it differently than I meant. I guess in general I don’t even understand why I don’t see 1 Harddrive in the “Computer” icon. See I’m thinking in very “Windows” terms. Anyway, if someone could explain how to check how many Harddrives I’m seeing or how to add (mount) extras that would be great.

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      by dr.llvll ·

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      It will depend on…

      by dawgit ·

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      How they are conected to the mainboard, example: (P)ATA, (S)ATA, ICSI, ect.
      What Directory or program are you useing to view them? (and from where?)
      Hard Drives are Labeled diferent in Linux than in Windows. Windows uses drive letters, C:\, D:\, E:\, and so on. (for every thing) On Linux, you’ll see something like hda1, hda2, (1st HD) hdb1, hdb2, ect. (2nd HD) (that being for a (P)ATA Drive).
      Assuming serial (you mentioned ‘Raid’ It should show as sda- and sdb, and so on.
      There is a lot more, but tells us what it you’re using. -d

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        More Helpful Details Hopefully…

        by dr.llvll ·

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        When I start up the computer and it’s going through the BIOS screens. I know my Harddrives are installed correctly because it reads them off for me. The 1 non-Raid and the 2 Raided. Now in Fedora. (Oh yes, and the Harddrives are all SATA.) Anyway, I really don’t know how to view them in Fedora. I’m totally newbie in Linux. I just felt like learning. Anyway, so What I did which is probably silly is I want to “Computer” then “File System” and I looked at the free space which read about 1,000 gigs. Which seems to mean to me that the only thing Linux was looking at was my 2 Raided hard drives of 500 gigs. You asked what directory was I viewing them from: is there a view hard drives directory? I would love to know.

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          A separate issue…

          by dr.llvll ·

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          When I boot it goes through smoothly until it comes to the line which says:

          Determining IP information for eth0…

          That hangs up for a long times. And then reads “failed” and continues quite quickly.

          How can I fix that.

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