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multiple inboxes/accounts Outlook 2003

By ktech123 ·
I would like to setup 2 separate email accounts and have email from the different accounts download into completely separate Personal Folder inboxes.Currently I can only get it to download all email into one single inbox which is not what I want.I do not have exchange and I am using pop3.

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by NormH3 In reply to multiple inboxes/accounts ...

Have you tried setting up different profiles for each account under OUTLOOK?

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by ktech123 In reply to multiple inboxes/accounts ...

i created an additional .pst in email accounts, but I cant designate one over the other, or havent figured out how to yet. But i just want 2 personal folder inboxes, is it possible to have multiple inboxes in outlook 2003 with pop3 accounts?

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by Sue T In reply to multiple inboxes/accounts ...

Have you tried making a rule that tells it that if it is coming from this email address then put it here?
This might work for you - open Control Panel and select the Mail applet and open it, click on show profiles button and then add, enter the name of one of your email accounts and click on OK. The wizard will appear, fill in the info for this account and then do this again for your other account. Make sure the option Prompt for a profile to be used is selected and click ok. Now when you open Outlook it will ask you which profile to use. I hope this info helps.

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Did you ever figure this out?

by jvmonani In reply to multiple inboxes/accounts ...

I am trying to do exactly the same but I still can't figure out how to setup 2 separate email accounts in Outlook 2003 to download emails into two separate Personal Folder inboxes.

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Before setting up your email accounts...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to multiple inboxes/accounts ...

setup profiles from Control Panel/Mail/View Profiles. As you work through the 'wizard' set up just one account for each profile. Make certain to select "Prompt for a Profile to be used" when you are finished.

Each time you launch Outlook, it will then prompt you for the profile you wish to use. Each profile will collect only the mail addressed to the account you have assigned it, and you will be able to manage email accounts seperately.

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by jalantharius In reply to multiple inboxes/accounts ...

I know this is 2-1/2 years late, but for anyone who reads this and needs to know:

Under Tools-Account Settings you will get a list of your accounts. At the bottom of this window (Outlook 2003) is a button that says "Change Folder".
All you need to do is create a new subfolder for the other account, to to the Account Settings, select the appropriate account and then change the folder to the subfolder that you created.


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Not in Outlook 2003

by artur.abt In reply to

you must be talking about Outlook 2007 - not such feature in 2003 version

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